Man O War Varnish Semi Gloss Gallon

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Protects and beautifies interior and exterior wood surfaces. Remains flexible and absorbs the expanding and contracting seasonal movement of the wood. Maximum U.V. protection. Water resistant. Resists cracking and peeling. Resists ocean salt spray. For use on exterior wood entry doors, wood shutters, outdoor furniture, interior windowsills and frames, planters, wood trim on boats (above water line) and more.
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Man O' War Spar Varnish Satin Gal

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This is a fantastic, tung oil based, marine-grade varnish, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Provides excellent protection from weathering and the elements, including UV rays and salt water. Ideal for boats, outdoor furniture, exterior doors, sills and more. Superior to polyurethane because it is flexible enough to expand with the wood, resists cracking and peeling, and adheres well to oily woods like teak and mahogany. Flows on freely for easy brushing. Not suitable for continuous submersion.For use on bare, stained or previously varnished wood.Dries to the touch in 6 hours, recoat in 24 hours.Apply only when air temperatures are 50?-90?F during application and drying.Avoid application in direct sunlight or when rain is threatening.Coverage: 1 quart = 75-100 sq. ft.Coverage: 1 gallon = 300-400 sq. ft.Do not thin.Cleans up with mineral spirits.Please note that this item can only be shipped by UPS Ground to addresses within the continental United States.
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