Roof Repair

Black Jack All Weather Cement Quart

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An asphalt-based patching compound designed to repair cracks, seams and holes in roofing materials. It also works great in new construction and in setting flashings, drip-edges and roofing material edges. Use in wet or dry conditions. Seals flashings, and other roof projections. Fiber-reinforced. Thick trowel grade. Black Jack 6230 Roof Cement, 1 qt Container, 7 sq-ft/gal Coverage, 105 deg F Flash
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Black Jack Fibered Cement Gallon

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Expands and contracts in weather
Forms a tight strong seal
Stays soft and pliable
Repairs flashings
Asbestos free
Coverage: approx 7 sq.ft. per gallon
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SIZE: 1 Gal.
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