Roof Repair

Through The Roof! Clear Waterproof Sealant 1QT

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Will not turn brittle in sun or cold. Offers elasticity to move with the roof and strong adhesion to resist pulling away from substrate. Sticks to wet or dry surfaces including galvanized or aluminum flashing, vents, downspouts, copper or aluminum roofing, PVC or ABS vent pipe, neoprene or plastic pipe flashing, brick, block, mortar, concrete, fiber cement board, acrylic or polycarbonate skylight plastics, asphalt, wood, steel, paint, etc. Waterproof, repels water immediately after application and for years. UV resistant. Lasts longer than asphalt roof sealants. Low tack, 30-minute skin time, 1-week cure time. 1/8" thick spread. Paintable with latex paint in 24 hours, or oil-based paint within 1 week.
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Gaco Silicone Roof Coating Gallon

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Great for peaked or flat roofs, mobile homes, RV's & more
GacoRoof can be applied in a wide temperature range (32-120 degrees F). Coverage: 50 sq.ft. per gallon (Two applied coats)
50 year warranty
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