Scrapers, Blades & Tools

Warner Steel Swivel Pot Hook

11172 Available: 5
pecially designed to hold paint cans and buckets firmly without spilling Easy to turn the can
Nickel plated to resist corrosion
Holds paint can securely on all types of ladders
Easily Attach Your Paint Can Handle To Your Ladder (1 or 5 gallon)

Hyde 2 in 1 Glazing Tool

12760 Available: 10
Used for glazing operations; V-blade end for applying smooth strips of putty, 1-1/4" heavy-duty chisel end for removing old putty and driving push-style glazing points. Satin finish high-carbon steel blade with nylon handle.

3M Flat Heavy Duty Stripping Pads

17660 Available: 2
For residue removal,Removes paint residue without harming wood,Replaces "O" steel wool,Will not shred, splinter or rust,For use with 10110 stripping tool

3M Stripping Pads Curved

17661 Available: 6
Flexible for curved surfaces,Use with chemical paint strippers,Removes paint-varnish without harming wood,Will not shred, splinter or rust,3-1/2"x 5-1/2",2 pads per package

3M Final Stripping Pads

17662 Available: 11
For residue removal,Removes paint residue without harming wood,Replaces "O" steel wool,Will not shred, splinter or rust,For use with 10110 stripping tool

Single Head Wallpaper Scorer

17756 Available: 2
Separates and lifts waterproof wallcovering to allow removal solution to penetrate and loosen adhesive. Self-aligning, free-floating Tiger Claws cutting module provides quick perforating in easy circular movements across or up and down without damaging walls. Use on vinyls, foils, flocks, painted-over, or coated wallpaper.

Goldblatt Western Mud Mixer 30"

26138 Available: 2
Goldblatt 30-Inch western style mud mixer is perfect for mixing drywall joint compound, acoustic texture, and other similar materials. The blade angle lifts, folds, and whips material to an even texture. Made out of cold rolled steel and a 3/8-Inch shaft it is durable for every day use. A 1/2-Inch drill is required to use this tool.

Wallpaper Removal Tool

1029503 Available: 2
Zinsser 2986 PaperScraper Wallpaper Remover & Wall Scraper Tool
    * Removes wallpaper without damaging walls
    * Unique, patented design matins perfect scraping angle without damaging walls.
    * Faster, easier and safer than razor-edge scrapers
    * Replaceable blade has two cutting edges
    * Ideal for scraping off residual adhesive and paint drips

Wallpaper Smoother Brush 12"

1392463 Available: 3
For wallpaper hanging. Hardwood, block handle with hang-hole. 2 rows of tampico-color polypropylene bristles, 2" trim.

Allway Universal Blade 4" 5pk

1499193 Available: 5
Fits 4" wide wall strippers, glass and tile scrapers.

Alex Flex Trim Sealant White 10oz

1504323 Available: 5
Alex Flex Molding & Trim Sealant - Specifically formulated molding and trim sealant delivers maximum adhesion and flexibility for a crack proof seal. In 30 minutes, it forms a tough outer skin that is dry enough to paint over with latex or oil based paints. Long lasting, durable seal will not shine through paint. Seals gaps around windows, doors, trim, crown molding, chair rails, and baseboards. Cured sealant is mold and mildew resistant. Indoor use with low odor and water clean up.

Shur-Line Square Notch Putty Spreader 3"

2392876 Available: 4
3" Square-Notch Adhesive Spreader
Constructed with flexible polystyrene
Perfect for projects involving hard to clean adhesives
Ideal size spreader for small jobs
Save both time and energy by using one time