Duct Tape

Bron Duct Tape Silver 1"x 60yd

M9500364 Available: 35
The Original Strength Duck Brand Duct Tape is ideal for everyday household repairs. It can be used to assist you around your home or school or at the office. This versatile product meets a wide variety of needs. The material tears easily by hand and has a better durability than utility-grade adhesive. It comes in a silver color and conforms to uneven surfaces as well. Use this 1.88" x 55 yd silver duct tape on all your home-improvement projects.
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Bron Duct Tape Silver 2"x 10yd

M9500365 Available: 12
3M General Use Duct Tape 2929 resists moisture, prolonging the tape bond in moist or humid environments. Additionally, the rubber adhesive sticks well to many surfaces. It's easy-to-tear by hand and has individual roll wrap for easy identification. This 5.5 mils thick tape boasts impressive physical characteristics; it has great tensile strength at 19lbs./inch, adhesion to steel of 45 oz./in. width and elongation at break of 14%.
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Bron Duct Tape Silver 2"x 60yd

M9500370 Available: 128
Scotch, Multi-Purpose Duct Tape is durable and applies smoothly and holds well on curved surfaces. Use for discrete repairs, crafts and decorating, and organizing or color coding.
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Bron Duct Tape White 2"x 10yd

M9500375 Available: 6
Ideal for reinforcing, bundling, moisture proofing, sealing, splicing and temporary repair
Stays on for up to one year without deterioration even outdoors.
Saves time of removing sticky residue.  Removes cleanly for up to 6 months from most opaque surfaces even after exposure to sunlight and temperature extremes.
Strong waterproof backing resists wear, abrasion, moisture, and weathering.

Aggressive adhesive for quick and reliable attachment.
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Bron Duct Tape White 2"x 60yd

M9500390 Available: 46
Beacon-Fashion Duct Tape. Duct Tape Is Not Just For Home Repairs Anymore! Of Course This Decorative Tape Can Still Be Around The House, But It Also Looks Great When Incorporated Into All Kinds Of Crafting Projects! Let Your Imagination And Creativity Be Your Guide. Each Package Contains One 10 Yard Roll Of 1.88 Inch Wide Duct Tape. Available In A Variety Of Designs. Each Sold Separately. Made In Usa.
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Bron Duct Tape Black 2"x 60yd

M9500395 Available: 24
Beacon-Fashion duct tape. Duct tape is not just for home repairs anymore! of course this decorative tape can still be around the house but it also looks great when incorporated into all kinds of crafting projects! let your imagination and creativity be your guide. Each package contains one 10 yard roll of 1.88 Inch wide duct tape. Available in a variety of designs. Each sold separately. Made in USA.
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