Specialty & Repair Tapes

Paper Drywall Joint Tape 2"x 75'

10789 Available: 21
Cross fiber paper tape designed for use with joint compounds in reinforcing joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors.

Saint Gobain Fibatape Paper Joint Tape 2x250'

10790 Available: 4
Cross fiber paper tape designed for use with joint compounds in reinforcing joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors.

Saint Grobain 25U Fiba Tape Metal Corner 2"x 25'

11714 Available: 4
Galvanized steel reinforcing protects outside corners from everyday abuse and is helpful for troublesome inside corners. Produces clean, tough, professional-looking corners even on curves, archways, and unusual angles. Finishes three 8' corners.

Irwin Caution Tape 3"x 300'

27219 Available: 6
Constructed of non-adhesive, non-conductive vinyl. Added plasticizers for increased elasticity. Larger, bolder print, (CAUTION), for better visibility; 3" wide, 2 mil thick.

CH Hanson Caution Tape 3x1000

28139 Available: 7
Heavy duty vinyl with 2" black characters (CAUTION) on 3" wide yellow tape.

Aluminum Foil Tape 2"x 10yd

47522 Available: 9
3 mil thickness aluminum foil tape,Use for joining pipe insulation jackets, -,fiberglass duct board, patching sheet -,metal ductwork, reflecting & dissipating -,both heat & light, protective masking -,during chemical paint stripping & more,Strong adhesive,Flame resistant,SIZE 2" x 10 Yd.

Aluminum Tape  2"x 50yd

47523 Available: 15
Aluminum foil backing coated with a strong, durable adhesive. For sealing heating and cooling air ducts, especially the new duct board systems. Flame retardant tape helps prevent loss as well as blocks odors and moisture. For metal repair jobs or decorating jobs around the home. Silicone coated release liner for wrinkle free unwind and easy application.

Scotch Mounting Squares 1" 16pk

91644 Available: 12
Strong, high-density foam,Permanent adhesive on both sides,Mounts lightweight objects,Holds up to 2 lb., 16-1" square

Scotch Mounting Tape 1/2x75"

91646 Available: 14
Self-sticking adhesive on both sides for mounting pictures, decorations, posters, etc. on any surface that is clean, dry and smooth.

Scotch Mounting Tape 1X50 Inch

91807 Available: 78
Strong, high-density foam. Permanent adhesive on both sides. Mounts lightweight objects and holds up to 2 lbs. 1x50" tape

Fibatape Wall Repair Kit

1095488 Available: 2
For holes up to 5" diameter or crack up to 4' long. Contains one each of Quadramesh patch, 4' repair tape, triple edge spreader,  pre-mixed wall patch compound, wet `n' dry sanding pad and complete instructions.

FibaTape 2"x 300'

1338367 Available: 2
Self-adhesive, fiberglass, drywall & joint tape,Stronger joints,Saves time in application & drying,Eliminates blisters & bubbles,For varying humidity's & temperature extremes,Shrink wrapped,SIZE 1-7/8"x300 Ft.,COLOR Yellow