Stove & Fireplace Maintenance

Rutland Fireplace Mortar Gray

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This is our original fireplace mortar formulated especially to patch fireplace fireboxes and to bond firebrick to firebrick. Fireplace mortar is a silicate product that when fire cured, sets rock hard - as strong as firebrick itself and withstands 2000 Fahrenheit. Comes in a convenient cartridge for easy repointing of fireplace brick within the firebox. Colors match most mortars. Passes ASTM E136 and E72. 10.3 oz. cartridges.
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Hi Heat Silicone Black 10.5oz

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500?F heat resistant silicone sealant forms a tough rubbery adhesive seal. Adheres to most materials.
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Castable Refractory Cement 12lb

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Dry, ready-to-mix castable refractory cement
Chemically sets and dries brick hard
Use to cast custom shapes to replace worn out firebrick or fill large holes in masonry firebox or as a solid stone bed
Use to build or repair outdoor firepits
Temperature rating: 2200 deg.F
Does not require heat to cure
SIZE: 12-1/2 Lb. Pail
Casts a block 12" x 12" x 1-1/2"
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Stove/Fireplace Gasket Rope 3/8"

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Graphite-impregnated stove gasket on spools
Resist abrasion, creosote adhesion and resist high temperatures up to 1,000 deg. F
Braided to resist unwinding
Used as original equipment by major stove manufacturers as well as replacement gaskets
Use along with one of Rutland's gasket cements for proper installation
SIZE: 3/8" x 132 Ft.
DESC: Rope
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Schaefer Chimney Brush Premium Round 8"

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Designed for homeowners, these brushes are constructed of oil tempered stiff wire bristles designed to quickly and effectively clean your Masonry chimney. Constructed with 6" of fill in a single spiral configuration. Uses 1/4" threading for attaching to rods and pull rings.
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Fiberglass Brush Rod .350"x 4'

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48" Fiberglass Chimney Brush Rod, 1/4" NPT Male/Female Thread.
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Stove & Fireplace Mortar Black 11oz

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Use on cracked or chipped firebrick & mortar
Repoints and patches
Becomes hard as firebrick when fire-cured
Apply with a standard caulking gun
Temperature rating - 2000 degrees
May be painted once heat cured
Made in the USA
Meets ASTM E136 and E72
SIZE: 11 Oz.
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Rutland Furnace Cement Black Pint

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Brand Name: Rutland
*Product Type: Furnace Cement
*Container Size: 16 oz.
*Color: Black
*Packaging Type: Tub
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Rutland Furnace Cement Black Quart

46624 Available: 8
Brand Name: Rutland
*Product Type: Furnace Cement
*Color: Black
*Packaging Type: Tub
*Container Size: 32 oz.
*Adheres to metal, stone, and firebricks
*Rated to withstand up to 2000° F (1090° C)
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Rutland Stove Polish Black Cast Iron

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For over 80 years William's Stove Polish has been used to bring a satin- luster, dark gray finish to any unpainted, cast iron or steel appliances. Easy to apply and buff after drying. It can also be used on wood and coal stoves, ornamental iron work, iron posts, iron kettles and grills.
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Rutland Stove & Grill Polish Cast Iron 8oz

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Stove and grill polish. On flammable. Non toxic. Water based emulsion of high quality natural waxes combined with some of the blackest pigments known. Buffs to a high luster as it adds life and beauty to black cast iron or steel. Not for use on painted surfaces.Black.8 oz. Made in United States.
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Rutland Brush On Stove Paint Flat Black

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Able to withstand temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees fahrenheit without peeling or blistering, Rutland 1,200 Degree Black Stove Paint is great for touching up more than just stoves. Anything made of steel or cast iron can benefit from a few coats of this quick-drying silicone resin paint, including barbecue grills, fireplace tools, and chimney caps. Not only will whatever you paint look better, but because this paint also helps prevent rust and decay, a thorough coating will actually increase the longevity of stoves and other appliances.
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