Phone Wire & Hardware

Telephone Handset Coil White 15ft

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Wall to phone cord,Modular plugs in at both ends,SIZE 15 Ft.,COLOR White
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Modular 4 Wire Plugs by Audiovox Accessories

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4-position, 4-conductor modular plug for handset cords.
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In-line Cord Coupler White

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The RCA In-line Cord Coupler combines line cords without any cutting, splicing, or wiring.
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2 Way In Line Cord Splitter Ivory

3102688 Available: 2
RCA, Ivory, 2 Way, In Line Cord Splitter, Extends The Reach Of A Phone Cord & Converts It Into 2 Jacks.
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Duplex Phone Jack Adapter White

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6 Conductor Duplex Jack, White. Splits one phone line into two. Zenith offers an extensive line of Audio, Video, Phone, Computer, Antenna and Universal Remote Control accessories for all your home and office needs.
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DSL Single Line Filter

3166360 Available: 5
High-performance in-line DSL filter for phones or telephone equipment sharing a single phone jack. Meets ANSI T1.421 standards for voice quality and data performance with five filters on the line. Isolates DSL and home phoneline networking (HPN) signals from voice signal for peak data performance and voice quality. Effectively filters one or more phone devices (standard or cordless phone, answering machine, dial-up modem, fax machine, etc.). Use one filter at each phone jack in use in the home or office. Easy to install without tools - just plug the filter cord into any standard phone jack, and plug the phone cord into the filter. Provides a filtered jack for any single-line phone device plus a second unfiltered jack for DSL/HPN connection. The short, detachable cord lets user connect the filter to long phone cords in hard-to-reach areas such as behind heavy furniture or desks.
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RCA Triplex Phone Jack

3175122 Available: 1
Convert any single modular jack into three modular jacks and hook up three devices to one line. Lead-free construction.
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Beige Wall Mount Phone Jack

3469178 Available: 8
Beige, Wall Mount Modular Phone Jack, For Wall Mounted Phones, Mounts To Standard Outlet Box.
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Easy Splice UY Gel Splice Connector

13550409 Available: 34
It belongs to U type wire conductors butt splice, which changed complicated traditional cable wire twist and soldering connection method. Insert two conductors separately into two ports without stripping conductors insulation; Crimp or squeeze the yellow button onto the inside two conductors with a pliers (here is not included.); Now you finished it! -filled inside design promises an air-tight environment for conductors. High quality and exquisitely design offer corrosion-resistant function to protect the connection against air and moisture.
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White Line Cord

LWLC Available:
All Leviton line cords are made with 24 gauge stranded copper wire and are insulated to meet industry standards. Wall-to-phone line cords on both ends. Connects phones to wall phone jack
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UR-Gel Filled Telcom Splice Connector 19-26 AWG

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Platinum Tools 18110 UR Gel-Filled Connector, 19-26 AWG. (Bulk,1ea.) Pkg 100pc/Box.
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Modular Telecom Plug Cat 6 8pk

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It is 8 Pack Modular Plug 6 Telcom J-45 Cat 6 8 Position 8 Contact Rounded Cable Solid Wire Rj45 Modular Connectors Use With Network/Twisted Pair Cable Cat-6.
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