Modular Plug Crimp Tool RJ44/11

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Modular Plug Crimp Tool, Rj-45 & Rj-11, Used To Produce Patch Cable & Handset Cables, Cut, Strip, & Crimp.
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Gardner Bender Compression Crimping Tool

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Compact size. Permanent connection, adds a water tight seal. For F-type RG-6, RG-6 Quad and RG-59.
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Coax/Cat 3-6 Cable Tester

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Tests both twisted pair and coax cable installations. Tests continuity. Both tester and remote have UTP/STP and Coaxial test jacks for detecting opens, shorts, miswires, and reversals in T568A and T568B configurations. Rubber overmolded construction provides long life and comfortable use. Tester and remote snap together for transportation and storage when not in use. Wiring reference chart and Jumper cables included. Operates on 2 AAA batteries (included).
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Coaxial Cable Preparation Stripping Tool

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This Coaxial Cable Preparation Stripping Tool is just the right accessory for the job. A great fit for your home entertainment needs. It's both flexible and easy to install.
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Eclipse 900-140 Spudger

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The 900-140 is a Probe-Pic Spudger from Eclipse Tools. This spudger is designed with tough nylon glass fiber for using without causing shorts. The point of the tool locates the lead, the hook pulls the lead, and the notch in the tip forms the wire. This probe-pic spudger is primarily used for communications wiring, but can be used in other applications as well.
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Steren Modular Plug Crimp Tool

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Crimp Tools for Flat/Round-Stranded Modular Plugs. Built-In Cutting or Cutting-Stripping Blades. Plastic or Hardened Steel Construction. Comfortable Grip Handles for Reduced Hand Fatigue.
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Perfect Vision Heavy Duty Hex Crimp Tool

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Tool for crimping the round exterior of a connector sleeve down to a six-sided crimp. Compound hinge makes crimping easy. For hex crimp-on style connectors like 010007 or PVFC1 & PVFC3. Not for 010001 or PV05F56ALQ connectors. Two die sizes in tool for RG-6 & RG-11 connector. Red cushion grip handles.
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