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QD Contact Cleaner 11oz

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Petroleum distillate/alcohol-based, suitable for cleaning sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. Evaporates quickly, leaves no residue. Safe to use on all plastics. Use where lower flashpoint cleaners are acceptable. NSF K2 Registrered. Aerosol can.
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CRC Canned Air Duster 8oz

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Provides a powerful blast of gas to remove inbedded debris without damaging sensitive components or surface finishes. Reaches areas where normal hand dusting cannot, including computers, electronics, appliances, car detailing, photography, office equipment, graphic arts, and workstations. Aerosol can.
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Nite Ize Clip Case Executive XL

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With its horizontal orientation and high-quality construction, the Extra Large Clip Case Executive Holster from Nite Ize has the refined, professional look that's at home in even the most formal executive environment. From the materials used to the method of construction, the black Clip Case Executive Holster is made with attention to every last detail. It starts with an exterior of the highest quality black genuine leather, finely stitched and then lined with a soft, nonscratch interior. Durable hook & loop closure keeps your phone safe and secure, and the super strong clip fits on belts up to 2 3/16" wide. But most importantly, this cell phone case has a slim, low profile that makes it appropriate to wear to big investor meetings, casual Fridays, and everything in between. External case dim: 3.6"H x 5.7"W x 1.5"D. Weight: 3.28oz.
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Petra CD Storage Case 32ct

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CD wallet provides mobile protection to avoid scratches and keep dirt away from your delicate CD surfaces. 16 polypropylene pockets hold up to 32 CDs or 16 CDs with liner notes. Zipper secures your CDs so they won't fall out. CD wallet is made of nylon. The durable material is resistant to abrasions.
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Case Logic Media Wallet 64CD

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The Caselogic KSW-64 72 Capacity CD/DVD Prosleeve Wallet holds 64 CDs or 32 with liner notes. Compact case fits in a purse or bag. Made of durable high quality leather-like Koskin with thick foam padding for maximum protection of your CDs. Double-sided black ProSleeves provide ultra protection by keeping dirt away to prevent scratching of delicate CD surface.
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Maxwell Multi-Color CD Sleeves 50pk

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Paper storage envelopes, Clear plastic windows for easy identification, Ideal for storing and sharing 12cm disc format, Includes blue, yellow, green, red, and orange sleeves.
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Peerless Smartmount Universal Flat Wall Mount 23-46"

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The SmartMount Universal Flat Wall Mount supports virtually* any 23" to 46"* LCD flat panel screen. The ultra-slim wall plate keeps the screen close to the wall for a very discreet installation that is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. The mount includes simple to align universal brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to one or two wood studs up to 16"0 apart, concrete, cinder block or two metal studs (accessory required). Includes a Sorted-For You0 baffle pack with all screen hardware and security fasteners.
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Standard Jewel Cases Clear 12pk

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These jewel cases are made of hi-impact plastic to offer you the maximum protection for your CD, CD-ROM, and DVD media. The clear cover and hinge system offer easy access and identification of your disks. Maxell Corporation of America is a leading full-line manufacturer of digital and analog media products for consumer audio, video, and camcorder applications; professional audio and video media; computer data storage media and batteries. Maxell also markets a full line of care and maintenance accessories and headphones.
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Nail-In Coax Cable White 20pk

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Nailing Coax Clips, 20 Piece, White. Attaches coaxial cable to wall. Zenith cables are excellent for connecting your VCR, DVD, HD-TV, and all other home theater audio/video equipment. Zenith offers an extensive line of Audio, Video, Phone, Computer, Antenna and Universal Remote Control accessories for all your home and office needs.
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Alpha Wire Shrink Tubing Black 3/8"x 4'

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This general purpose heat shrink tubing from Alpha Wire shrinks to half its original size for a tight fit that will provide exceptional protection from temperature (-40?C to 125?C), and is weather resistant.
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Alpha Wire Shrink Tubing Black 3/16"x 4'

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3/16" black polyolefin heatshrink tubing. 100 Ft Roll. 2:1 shrink ratio. UL & CSA certified at 600v @ 125 deg C shrink temp. 90-120 deg C.
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Alpha Wire Shrink Tubing Red 3/16"x 4'

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3M(TM) heat shrink shrinks to half of its original size (2:1) and offers an outstanding balance of electrical, physical and chemical properties for a wide variety of applications. Rated for 275?F(135?C) continuous operation.
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