Twist On F Plugs RG6 2pk

30803 Available: 2
Twist-On F plug,For RG-6 coaxial cable,75 Ohm terminals,2 per pack
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Coax Cable Coupler 2pk

33141 Available: 8
Compressed brass 24K gold-electroplated F-type double male coax cable coupler. Allows for two cables to be connected. Environmentally friendly lead-free construction.
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Flush Mount Wall Plate White

33401 Available: 5
Coax Wallplate, White. Connects 75 ohm cable through a wall. Zenith cables are excellent for connecting your VCR, DVD, HD-TV, and all other home theater audio/video equipment. Zenith offers an extensive line of Audio, Video, Phone, Computer, Antenna and Universal Remote Control accessories for all your home and office needs.
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Coax Cable Multi-Length

COAX Available:
This copper clad center conductor cable is RoHS compliant. It is sweep tested to carry signals from 5MHz to 3000MHz. It is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with radial style F connectors on both ends. *Picture does not represent all sizes*
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Zenith Digital 2 Way Splitter SDW5010O/17

3107612 Available: 2
For satellite and digital TV. 24 carat gold-plated connectors optimize signal. Corrosion-resistant connections. Premium die-cast construction. Protects against signal loss. Dual ground connections. Mounting screws included.
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