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Maxell 25 SP Data CDR-700MX48/25SP

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Branded CD-R disks have capacities of 700MB/80 minutes, and are compatible with 2X to 48X writers. CD-Rs are ideal for storage, data exchange, multimedia projects and jukebox/duplicator applications.
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Maxell CD-R Recordable Discs 30pk

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Maxell's CD-R Music discs use a high-sensitivity recording layer for optimum performance and compatibility with a wide range of playback devices. And a revolutionary protective coating on each disc safegards your recordings against the wear and tear of everyday use.
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Maxell CDR 80min 700 Media Slim Jewel Cases 10pk

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CD-R records permanently onto its branded surface. Offers a 700MB/80 minute capacity. Supports write speeds up to 48X. Ideal for music recording, storing digital photos and data archiving. Play back in virtually any CD recorder, burner/player, DVD player, computer drive or game console.
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Maxell 700MB 80-Minute CD-R 5pk

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The Maxell CD-R 700 has a write once recording format with premium quality recording surface for noise free playback. You can record on computer CD writers, playback on any CD Drive or player while supporting write speeds up to 48x. There is 700MB of data storage.
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