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Compact Emergency Crank Radio

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Compact Radio with Weather Alert, Flashlight and Multiple Sustainable Power Sources is a Must-Have for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

Be prepared. It's the mantra of backpackers, campers and survivalists alike - and, it all starts with the right equipment. More than just a radio, the ER200 Compact Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio by Midland Radio Corporation is a 'no brainer' addition to your gear. Renown for pioneering and leading the all-hazard/weather alert category, Midland has created this durable, lightweight radio to keep you in-the-know when it comes to incoming severe weather or civil emergencies.

When the going gets tough, avid outdoor enthusiasts can turn to the Midland ER200 Compact Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio which features digital AM/FM and weather band radio.

In addition, the radio is equipped with NOAA Weather Radio alert capabilities, which means weather alerts sound when emergencies are issued on local channels, important for when it's critical to have the latest information during an emergency.

An incredibly efficient piece of equipment, the radio has several sustainable power options. It's operated using a long-lasting 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery - giving you up to 25 hours of normal use. Six AA batteries can also provide a back-up power option. The ER200 can also be powered by the sun utilizing a built-in solar panel located on the top of the radio. Finally, when "all else fails" the radio can run using the dynamo hand crank.

Made to perform, the Midland ER200 Compact Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio has a built-in extra bright flashlight that uses Cree(R) LEDs offering a greater radius of visibility. With a high and low setting, the flashlight allows you to conserve energy when needed. It also utilizes an SOS flashlight beacon, which activates Morse code for emergency assistance.

The ability to stay connected and informed can make all the difference in an emergency situation. This is why Midland designed the ER200 to help keep other equipment charged, powering cell phones, tablets or other devices through a USB connection. It is also easy to stow and measures a mere 6.5" x 2.8" x 1.9".
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