Speaker Wire & Speakers

RCA Cable 55-923 3'

13300004 Available: 2
The AXIS Stereo Audio cables are designed to provide high-quality sound at a great value. Easy to use and easy to hookup, each of these cables delivers a superior connection over 3-ft.

Calrad Stereo Mini Extension Cable 12ft

13300077 Available: 8
12 foot 3.5mm Stereo Audio Extension Cables are designed for quality computer audio applications. May also be utilized for TV's and portable audio for your headphones to reach across the room! In addition you may use these audio cables to connect the PC sound card, portable CD player or any mini-stereo audio device with 3.5mm jacks to multimedia speakers. The cable features two 28-gauge stranded conductors and a spiral drain shield, which are tinned to resist oxidation. The conductors and drain wire are wrapped with an aluminum foil shield to lessen noise or interference. Connectors themselves are nickel-plated over brass.

3.5mm M/ RCA M 3 FT

13300168 Available: 4
3.5 mm stereo plug to 2 molded RCA nickel-plated Male plugs (black). Shielded cable.

6' M3.5mm To M3.5mm Cable

13300417 Available: 6
Record from a computer or other audio device onto a digital music player. Connects components with 3.5mm jacks.

Philmore Speaker Wire 20G 25ft

13301900 Available: 1
This stranded, 18-gauge, 2-wire conductor is color-coded red and black for easy hookup and is rated for in-wall use.


13301915 Available: 5
Use to connect speakers to receiver/amplifier. Zenith offers an extensive line of Audio, Video, Phone, Computer, Antenna and Universal Remote Control accessories for all your home and office needs.

Zenith Speaker Wire 16 AWG 50 ft

13301925 Available: 5
Gold-plated connectors, 24K high grade speaker wire with clear insulation, ideal for home theater applications, connects speaker to tuner/amplifier. UL/CL2 rated.

AmerTac Speaker Wire 14G 50ft

13301935 Available: 6
Used for stereos and hi-fi systems, home theater sound systems. Connects speaker to receiver, tuner/amplifier.

AmerTac Speaker Wire 14G 100ft

13301955 Available: 4
RCA AH14100SR 100 Foot 14 Gauge Speaker Wire, Insulated jacket helps deliver undistorted signals, Connects speakers to an audio receiver or amplifier, Polarity identified wire for correct speaker phasing, Delivering quality sound from your home theater equipment, Spool packaging for easy dispensing, UPC 044476060991 (AH14100SR AH-14100SR)


13301960 Available: 12
RCA 100-foot, 16-Guage Speaker Wire connects speakers to you're A/V receiver or amplifier. Includes a spool for easy and convenient installation.


13301965 Available: 15
Clear insulation, for home theater applications, connects speaker to tuner/amplifier.

Solderless Banana Plug Black

13302080 Available: 4
BK Precision TL 9110 Do It Yourself Solderless Un-Sleeved Banana Plug Kit.