Calrad CAT-5 Voice/Data Coupler White

3200276 Available: 12
Crossover Inline Coupler, Connector Type RJ45, Connector Application Networking, Simplex, T568 Standard Yes, Cable Type CAT5E, Number of Contacts 8, Number of Positions 8, Color White
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Duracell 8GB MicroSD Card

3392495 Available: 2
Duracell, 8 gb, microsd memory card, with sd & usb adapters, compatible with smart phones that utilize microsd technology, use the sd adapter to convert to digital camera memory, use the usb adapter to now convert it to a flash drive to store your photos, songs or data.
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Tripp Lite USB To Mini-B Male Cable 6Ft

13609121 Available: 3
A male To mini B male, 5 pin USB cable with a 6ft cord. Connects computer to portable sub devices with speeds of up to 480mbps. Compatible with both sub 1.1 & 2.0 devices & ports.
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ESD Velcro Wrist Strap 10ft

13650315 Available: 2
Static Control Wrist Strap, Size Adjustable, 10 ft. L, Color Yellow/Black, Material Polyester and Conductive Fiber, TPR Plastic, Features Band Resistivity Less Than 50 Ohm, Wrist Strap Resistivity 106 Ohm, For Use With Static Dissipative Mat, Number of Conductors 1
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USB to Serial Adapter

13657100 Available: 5
Connects an RS-232 Serial device to a USB port. Compatible with Android(TM) tablets/phones with USB Host Mode (OTG) support & OS version 3.2 & above Connectors: USB A male/DB9 male. Portable design is ideal for use with a PDA or digital camera.
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Square PC Computer Cooling Fan DC 12V Black 40mm

13658559 Available: 2
Provides fresh cool air to the CPU of your computer, keeping it cooler and maximizing its life. Highly reliable and easy installation.
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Square PC Computer Cooling Fan DC 12V Black 60mm

13658564 Available: 2
The advantages is including low-noise, low-vibration, reliable running and so on. Mainly apply to auto-control system, electronics,  computers, PU power unit, welder, packing and print equipment.
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Eco Series 8 Outlet w/USB 550VA/300W

13658709 Available: 3
The ECO550UPS standby green UPS offers complete protection from blackouts, brownouts and transient surges. Supports green energy savings via built-in Eco outlets that automatically power off unused computer accessories like printers or multi-media speakers when the computer is not in use.
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Verbatim Wireless Travel Mouse

13658750 Available: 1
Go Mini! Verbatim's new Nano travel mouse is ultra-compact and wireless too! A great solution for people on the go--this optical mouse is ideal for notebook and netbook users. The small Nano receiver plugs into your laptop's USB port and can stay; no need to plug and unplug a bulky receiver or deal with cords! With 2.4GHz reliability and performance, the travel mouse ensures no delays in cursor movement. This portable mouse comes in a variety of fun colors and works on any computer with a USB port.
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Philmore VGA Monitor Cable HD15 25'

13658956 Available: 4
Connect your VGA monitor with the highest quality connection available. The MXT101MMHQ25 High Resolution VGA Cable (25ft) is designed to provide the highest video quality possible through VGA, ideally suited for high resolution applications of 1920x1200 and above.

This durably constructed coaxial VGA video cable (HD15 to HD15) eliminates the picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images that are inherent to non-coaxial VGA cables, while delivering superior EMI interference protection by using ferrite cores near the connector ends.
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Naturesmart Mouse Pad Tiger

13659014 Available: 1
Naturesmart mouse pads do not use petroleum-based materials such as EVA, PVC, or PU. No glue or harmful chemicals are used to attach the soft-cloth surface to the non-skid base. This naturesmart mouse pad has an Eco-base, a non-skid base made with 60% natural rubber, and 40% post-industrial recycled material.
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Allsop Ergoprene Gel Wrist Rest Black

13659020 Available: 5
Allsop Ergoprene Gel Wrist Rest - Black
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