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Calrad CAT-5 Voice/Data Coupler White

3200276 Available: 12
Crossover Inline Coupler, Connector Type RJ45, Connector Application Networking, Simplex, T568 Standard Yes, Cable Type CAT5E, Number of Contacts 8, Number of Positions 8, Color White
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Tripp Lite USB To Mini-B Male Cable 6Ft

13609121 Available: 3
A male To mini B male, 5 pin USB cable with a 6ft cord. Connects computer to portable sub devices with speeds of up to 480mbps. Compatible with both sub 1.1 & 2.0 devices & ports.
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USB to Serial Adapter

13657100 Available: 5
Connects an RS-232 Serial device to a USB port. Compatible with Android(TM) tablets/phones with USB Host Mode (OTG) support & OS version 3.2 & above Connectors: USB A male/DB9 male. Portable design is ideal for use with a PDA or digital camera.
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Eco Series 8 Outlet w/USB 550VA/300W

13658709 Available: 3
The ECO550UPS standby green UPS offers complete protection from blackouts, brownouts and transient surges. Supports green energy savings via built-in Eco outlets that automatically power off unused computer accessories like printers or multi-media speakers when the computer is not in use.
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Philmore VGA Monitor Cable HD15 25'

13658956 Available: 4
Connect your VGA monitor with the highest quality connection available. The MXT101MMHQ25 High Resolution VGA Cable (25ft) is designed to provide the highest video quality possible through VGA, ideally suited for high resolution applications of 1920x1200 and above.

This durably constructed coaxial VGA video cable (HD15 to HD15) eliminates the picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images that are inherent to non-coaxial VGA cables, while delivering superior EMI interference protection by using ferrite cores near the connector ends.
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Manhattan USB to Parallel Converter

13659028 Available: 4
The MANHATTAN USB to Parallel Printer Converter with bi-directional data transfer easily supports USB-to-parallel and parallel-to-USB communication. Ideal for connecting USB-equipped desktop or notebook computers to a parallel printer or adding a DB25 female port, it helps deliver faster data transfer rates than a standard parallel port.
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VGA Monitor "Y" Splitter

13921150 Available: 4
Tripp Lite's 1-ft. VGA/XVGA Monitor "Y" Splitter cable provides an inexpensive alternative for splitting the video signal from your PCs VGA port to two monitors (up to 800 x 600) that use standard 15-pin plugs. Perfect for laptops to display on a separate, larger monitor. Use for short distance applications only. For higher resolution monitors, use P516-001-HR. For applications that require longer distances and highest resolution, see Tripp Lite B114-002-R, powered 2-Port Splitter, or, B114-004-R, powered 4-Port Splitter.
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Manhattan Fast Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0

M1031214 Available: 3
The Manhattan Hi-Speed USB 2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter is a compact, high-performance network adapter that allows you to upgrade your desktop or notebook computer to operate at 10/100 Mbps speeds on the LAN. Because it attaches to one of your computer's USB connectors, there is no need to open up your PC -- and the user-friendly setup software makes installation quick and easy.
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Petra Universal Power Cord 6ft

M1069998 Available: 5
Use the Axis(R) Universal Power Cord to replace your overused or misplaced power cable. The power cord works with most PCs, monitors, and other devices that use a 3-pin shroud power connector.
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Modular Data Plugs RJ45 10pk

M89251 Available: 3
RJ45 8-conductor modular plugs
50 micron gold plating
Meets or exceeds EIA/TIA specifications
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Tripp Lite USB Extension Cable 2.0 A/A M-F 6ft

M89253 Available: 3
This USB Gold-Plated Extension Cable is manufactured using USB v2.0 cable. It is designed specifically for use with USB v2.0 device cables. This cable is backwards-compatible and can also be used with the older USB v1.1 cables. It is made with superior foil shielding for reliable, error-free data communication. It features gold-plated connectors and gold-plated copper contacts for superior conductivity. This cable is manufactured with molded connectors and integral strain relief for extra durability and long life. The significantly faster data transfer rates of USB v2.0 (up to 480 Mbps) makes it perfect for multimedia applications.
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GE CAT6 Patch Cable 3ft

M91803 Available: 8
ICC's component rated RJ-45 molded boot patch cords are constructed with 4-pair 24 AWG, Bare copper stranded wire, UL listed and CMG / FT4 fire rated jacket. This cable is constructed with the Ultra Slim Low Profile boot, protecting the tab without any additional width to the plug making it universally ideal for any switches, high density or not. Often thought of as the weakest link, these cords are 100% tested to the highest performance standards under TIA/EIA-568, they have been proven to provide headroom of up to 9.1 dB under component rated testing meaning the cords alone will perform to category performance meeting a stricter standard of performance compared to other channel rated cords. There is no need to choose between performance and value with ICC's patch cords where you can get both.
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