Cork & Bulletin Boards

Cork Tiles 12x12x3/16" 4pk

59701 Available: 10
Self-stick cork panels combine to create a customized bulletin board that secures documents with push pins. Self-healing surface will not show pin holes and absorbs noise in loud areas. Easy mounting hardware included.
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Bulletin Board Wood Frame 17X23 Inch

90522 Available: 6
Important information is noticed when it's posted. This basic, natural corkboard can be placed most anywhere you need it and serves as a simple way to pin frequently changing information such as shift schedules, grocery lists, maintenance guidelines in highly visible areas.

Mount the corkboard vertically or horizontally depending on the available space. It's perfect for break-rooms, warehouses and your home kitchen.
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Crayola Chalk White 12ct

91206 Available: 22
CRAYOLA-Chalk. Use this chalk for school or craft projects! This package contains twelve chalk sticks. Color: White. Nontoxic. Conforms to ASTM D 4236.
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Crayola Chalk Color 12 Count

91207 Available: 27
From chalkboards to sidewalks, 12 sticks of colored chalk-in every color of the rainbow. Erases easily from most chalk boards. Chalk size: 3-3/16" x 3-1/8". Rated AP nontoxic, conforms to ASTM D-4236.
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Swingline Push Pins 75 Count Clear

91344 Available: 12
Regular size push pins
Great for hanging documents, memos, and attachments
Convenient clamshell packaging
Clear color tops for a variety of applications
Pack of 75 push pins
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Quartet Dry Erase Board 24"x36"

93456 Available: 4
Durable dry-erase board with an oak finish frame. For occasional use in any home or small office. Mounts horizontally or verticallyand includes easy-to-use mounting system to hold board in place. Comes with low-odor marker.
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Elmer's Foamboard Black 3/16 in. x 32 in. x 40 in.

125457 Available: 4
Foamboard is a type of display board made of a foam center or "core" in between two sheets of thin, firm paper. Foamboard is lightweight, and comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.
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Design Ideas Wyatt Magnet Board

129702 Available: 7
The Wyatt magnet board, equipped with hanging hardwar and 6 brass magnetic clips is great for all of your needs. It holds pictures, notes, tickets, etc. all in one place. It has a matte black finish and is approximately 16" x .7" x 16".
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Design Ideas Snapshot Message Board

129703 Available: 5
Having trouble staying focused? Capture all your important notes, lists and photos in one frame with our SnapShot message board. This dual-purpose corkboard and magnetic dry-erase board comes with eight red plastic pushpins, eight red plastic magnets and one black magnetic dry-erase
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Combination Cork/White Board 17"x 23"

9012394 Available: 4
Oak finish combination board. Dry-erase surface is stain resistant and wipes clean with occasional cleaner use. Premium natural cork surface hides pin holes and doesn't crumble. Includes mounting hardware. 17" height x 23" width.
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Sharpie Expo Dry Erasemarker 4 Count

9247867 Available: 13
Intense Colors - 2 Ea of Red, Blue, Green, and Black
Low Odor Ink
For Use on Whiteboards, Glass, and Other Non-Porous Surfaces
Fine Tip Allows You to Write on Smaller Boards
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EXPO Dry Eraser

9247875 Available: 4
Soft pile felt eraser quickly removes marks on any whiteboard, porcelain or melamine surface. Non-abrasive material erases cleanly without scratching. Washable - simply use soap and water to clean.
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