Pencils & Erasers

X Acto Manual Pencil Sharpener

91264 Available: 12
X Acto 1065 Manual Pencil Sharpener. Easy to use handle to sharpen with Assorted colors.

Sumo Grip Clear Blue .5mm

109808 Available: 11
The SumoGrip features an oversized barrel with a triangular, ergonomic, cushioned rubberized grip.

Sumo Grip Clear Gray .5mm

109809 Available: 7
The SumoGrip features an oversized barrel with a triangular, ergonomic, cushioned rubberized grip.

Sumo Grip Clear Gray .7mm

109811 Available: 6
The SumoGrip features an oversized barrel with a triangular, ergonomic, cushioned rubberized grip.

Sumogrip RT Eraser Refill

113849 Available: 3
Sumo Grip erasers feature a new microporous foam technology to remove graphite marks from paper surfaces for artists, students and architects. Requires minimal pressure to remove graphite lead from B to 2H degrees. The new foam technology improves the pick-up of micro-graphite particles from paper substrates that white PVC erasers leave behind. Smudge-free performance. Does not contain harmful phthalates.

Sharpie Pen Assorted 4 Pack

9247263 Available: 7
The performance of a Sharpie Permanent Marker meets pen-like precision: That's the signature of the one and only Sharpie Pen. A slim design with a fine point delivers dream-like detail and ridiculous control. Filled with bold, smooth-flowing ink that simply won't bleed through paper, it's the penultimate writing instrument all other pens try to copy, but none can touch.

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil .7mm 5 Pack

9247438 Available: 13
Featuring the longest leads available, a soft grip, and a smudge-resistant eraser, Paper Mate Write Bros. Grip Mechanical Pencils help keep your hand comfortable during long writing sessions. Ideal for schools, offices, and homes, these reliable mechanical pencils have long leads that advance easily with a simple click, so you can stay focused on your writing instead of searching for a pencil sharpener.

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil .9mm 2 Pack

9247537 Available: 15
Stay sharp on your best days and test days with the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil Starter Kit! This convenient kit comes with pencils, lead refills, and spare erasers, keeping you prepared for any writing task. Featuring a fun translucent barrel, a comfortable grip, and #2 leads, this mechanical pencil makes the perfect sidekick for note-making and test-taking. The pencil comes equipped with a side-click lead advance that allows you to extend the lead without interrupting your writing--no need to sharpen. And with the jumbo twist-up eraser, do-overs are a breeze!

Paper Mate Sharpwriter Pencils .7mm 5ct

9247958 Available: 16
Sharpwriter 0.7mm Mechanical Pencils, Pack of 5. Easy-to-use, non-refillable pencil. Cushion point adjusts to writing pressure, reducing lead breakage. Twist-to-advance mechanism easily advances lead. Shock-absorbing tip yields to writing pressure. Plastic pocket clip keeps pencil handy. Imported.

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil .5mm 2 Pack

9247966 Available: 3
Includes 2 mechanical pencils, 12 lead refills, and eraser refills

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil .7mm 2 Pack

9248048 Available: 2
Mechanical pencil with soft oversized grip delivers cushioned, everyday writing comfort
Ergonomic hourglass shape helps you take on the longest writing tasks
#2 pencil lead writes neatly and are ideal for standardized tests Click-to-advance lead and quality erasers keep your pages clean and thoughts flowing
Includes 2 #2 mechanical pencils, lead refills and extra erasers

Paper Mate Clear Point Mechanical Pencil .7mm 2ct

9392291 Available: 11
Unique click-advance is centered in the middle of the barrel, providing easy and seamless lead advancement. Textured over-molded grip allows for greater control while reducing hand stress. Jumbo twist-up eraser won't smudge or tear documents.