Air Brushes

Badger Airbrush Basic Set

14130121 Available: 11
The Badger 250 Spray Gun;  is the perfect tool for large overall coverage with a medium to heavy viscosity material. Modeling, school projects, home improvement projects, workshop creations, ceramic underglazing, and stenciling are among the many applications that are perfect for this enrty level airbrush. Can be used with a compressor by adding a simple adapter.

Airbrush Jar & Cover .75oz

14130165 Available: 30
3/4-Ounce clear glass jar. Ideal for paint storage. Lid includes inner

Airbrush Jar & Cover 2oz

14130170 Available: 15
Spraying bigger projects requires refilling or changing 3/4 oz. jars frequently or upgrading to the larger 2-oz. capacity glass jar. More capacity simply means spraying longer or bigger projects without having to refill or switch out jars as frequently or not at all.

Airbrush Paint Jar 4oz

14130265 Available: 4
Badger clear glass jar with black plastic lid. Fits Models 250-4 and 260.

Badger Propel Spray 13oz

14130290 Available: 11
An excellent starting air source or short usage alternative air source for use with all types and makes of air brushes. This package contains one 13-ounce can of propel.

Blow Off Air Duster 3.5oz

14131005 Available: 35
Blow Off Duster is an all-purpose, sterilized cleaner that removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach places.