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WAMA Life Is Art Coloring Book

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Express your creativity and soothe your spirit with this 'Life is Art' coloring book. Intricate designs encourage concentration and relaxation. WAMA (Women Are Making Art) coloring book features intricate, detailed images for coloring. 38 pages.
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WAMA Kaleidoscope Coloring Book

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Fun for any age. Make yourself busy with this 20 page coloring book when on a long road trip, relaxation or just when you have nothing better to do.
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Pomegranate Tattoo Coloring Book

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The fifty designs in this coloring book are works of contemporary Polynesian art--Anthony J. Tenorio's individual expressions based on the pattern and symbolism within the art of tatau, passed down to him from mentors and Polynesian elders and drawn from island cultures around the world. "I believe in the meanings for every individual symbol and what it represents, and to put it in a book and show people what I see and express passionately is a true blessing."
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Pomegranate French Designs Coloring Book

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The French have long been leaders in the creation of textiles and wall coverings, especially during the art deco period of the 1920s. Influenced by art nouveau and modernist styles, designers made bold statements with vivid colors and dazzling patterns.
The images represented in this coloring book were created by a variety of accomplished artists. E. A. Sguy was one of the leading French pattern designers. He created stylized insect, bird, and flower patterns using striking color combinations, some of which were manufactured as textiles or wallpaper.
Sguy and others published design folios using the pochoir technique, a printing process that uses stencils to create clean lines and a wet appearance. Pochoir is labor intensive, and at its peak as many as thirty graphic design studios in France each employed as many as 600 workers. Less-expensive printing techniques, such as color lithography, came to replace pochoir.
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Pomegranate Japanese Designs Coloring Book

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The decorative designs featured here are timeless examples of Japanese artistry. Although little is known of their creators or the actual dates of their creation, such designs reflect Japanese artists historically deep appreciation of beauty in art and nature and have influenced tastes in everything from textiles to paper goods, furniture to fine art. Europe and North America have long been enamored of Japanese design and aesthetics, particularly since Japan opened its political and economic borders in 1868, providing the impetus for an unprecedented exchange of arts and culture with the West.
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Pomegranate Unicorns Coloring Book

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The enchanting unicorn has long been a favorite subject of authors and artists of fairy tale and fantasy. Often described as strong, fleet of foot, and fierce in battle, this legendary beast was seen as a symbol of grace and purity, and could be tamed by a pretty young maiden. Since the Middle Ages, the unicorn has commonly been pictured as a white steed with a spiraled horn on its forehead. The magnificent unicorn lives on in dreams and myths, and, perhaps most vividly, in the artwork of visionary artist Susan Seddon Boulet (American, b. Brazil, 1941 1997). The twenty-one paintings shown on the insides of this coloring book s covers are playful and imaginative yet powerful, as the artist calls attention to the relationship between unicorns and humans. You can use these vibrant images to guide you as you fill in the drawings, or to help inspire your own versions. We ve left two pages at the back of the book blank so that you can dream up unicorns or other mythical animals of your own.
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Pomegranate Vienna Workshop Coloring Book

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One hundred years ago, the Vienna Workshop was a booming artists cooperative. Known as Wiener Werkstaette in German, the workshop thrived from 1903 to 1932, and its designers produced art that was used to create fabrics, furniture, clothing, postcards, and so much more nearly anything you could think of, as long as it was of quality design.
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Pomegranate Colorful Creatures Coloring Book

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Wise old owl Bill on a moonlit branch, making eyes at his ladylove, Judy. Maggie the koala cuddling with baby Milo amid the eucalyptus. The illustrated characters brought to life by Australian artist Shanti Sparrow all have names and background stories. Sparrow (b. 1987) draws on her love of nature and animals to create playful scenes using watercolor, vector, and collage. Her artwork engages the child in all of us. She describes herself as an illustrator, graphic designer, lecturer, and dreamer. Schooled in design and visual communication at the University of Western Sydney, Sparrow works in commercial design and illustration, as well as lecturing on design at Shillington College in Brisbane, Australia.
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Pomegranate Vincent van Gogh Coloring Cards

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Although he can be seen as the quintessential starving artist0he sold only one painting in his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh was a hard worker who created more than two thousand paintings, drawings, and sketches in the last ten years of his life. As this selection of paintings shows, Van Gogh created works rich in color and emotion.
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Pomegranate Cats Coloring Cards

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Edie Harper (1922-2010) was an American painter, photographer, and illustrator who also created jewelry, enamels, sculp-ture, silkscreen prints, and weavings. She was very good at reducing images to their essential forms; her paintings often are made up of simple geometric shapes, including rectangles, lines of different weight, triangles, circles, and crescents.
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Pomegranate From the Garden Coloring Card

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American artist Lisa Houck expresses her view of nature through wild and vibrant paintings, ceramics, prints, and mosaics where shapes and textures appear to be curling, swirling, twirling, and unfurling.
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Pomegranate National Park Animals Stickers

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In this sticker kit, we've provided lots of shapes you can use to form pictures of 12 different animals found in America's national parks: mountain lion, raccoon, red fox, great horned owl, opossum, cottontail rabbit, black bear, deer, ground squirrel, bobcat, marmot, and gray wolf. Artist Charley Harper (American, 192202007) loved animals and nature. He captured a critter's character by highlighting its easily recognized features the spots on a fawn, for example, or the wide-open eyes of a great horned owl. Now you can piece together these geometric shapes to recreate his wild creatures.
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