Origami Paper and Supplies

Tuttle Money Origami Kit

118574 Available: 1
This origami kit includes a collection of projects designed for paper folders of any level of skill to practice the increasingly popular art of folding origami dollars. The origami practice dollar bills mean that you won't have to fold with real money and can save it up to buy some more origami kits!
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Tuttle Origami Flowers

118580 Available: 2
Make beautiful and decorative paper flowers with this easy origami kit. The flower projects range from simple to challenging with a variety of paper folding techniques presented. Designs can be used for greeting cards, gift boxes, bouquets, and stunning jewelry. This kit contains: a 96 page, full-color origami booklet with step-by-step directions, colorful diagrams and photographs, and paper folding basics and tips, 180 sheets of origami folding paper, and a 2-1/2 hour instructional DVD.
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Tuttle Origami Toy Monsters

118581 Available: 1
Making origami monsters come to life! Authored by Andrew Dewar. With this kit, kids and adults alike will see their very own visually captivating paper craft creations, known as karakuri (traditional Japanese mechanized puppets), shudder and lurch right before their eyes! Kit includes: a full-color, step-by-step instruction booklet, 11 menacing interchangeable models for creations like The Kraken, Piranha Alien, or The Creeping Hand, colorful die-cut cardstock sheets for easy model assembly, glue, and other necessary assembly materials to save you a trip to the store. For hours of old-school monster-movie fun, monster fans and kids of all ages will love assembling and playing with this thrilling mix of monsters!
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Metallic Origami Paper Cosmo

14084000 Available: 2
Cosmo Fantasy Metallic Origami PaperThis neat origami paper features a star field set against metallic (foil) blue. There are two shades of blue included per pack; and six sheets of each shade of blue- for a total of twelve sheets. The front of the sheets is actually a thin sheet of printed foil; while the back of the sheet is white paper. A fun and shiny origami paper for folding scrapbooking bookmaking collage and more. Sheets measure 5-7/8 inch square. Instructions for folding an origami space shuttle are printed on the back of the packet!
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Origami Gift Box Kit

14084001 Available: 7
Learn to craft 6 beautiful origami gift boxes, perfect for giving small gifts, storing mementos, or simply as decoration. The Origami Gift Boxes Kit from Aitoh includes an array of solid and patterned origami paper, and the simple instructions will get you folding in no time!
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Irodorino Chiyogami Paper

14084035 Available: 4
Irodorino Chiyogami Washi paper for origami and other paper projects. 24 sheets per package, 3 sheets each of 8 designs.
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Harmony Origami Paper 6"

14084045 Available: 5
Harmony Origami Paper...These sheets are white in the center and have 2 colors that fade into each other on the 4 corners of each sheet. There are several color combinations in each packet.  Comes with a small illustrated guide for some basic origami projects. Each sheet measures 5-7/8" x 5-7/8".
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Aizome Chiyogami Paper

14084060 Available: 3
Aizome Chiyogami Washi Paper is a specialty origami paper that blends intricate Japanese designs, rich blue color and soft textures. Individual sheets have a unique design so no two projects will be alike. Each pack contains 8 sheets of 150 mm x 150 mm.
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Bokashi Origami Paper

14084066 Available: 5
Bright, fun printed paper. Nontoxic colors. 150 mm x 150 mm.
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Plum Blossom Origami Paper

14084070 Available: 1
This origami paper is a silky gossamer style washi. The paper quality is very delicate and translucent. The pattern of the paper is a 6 petal flower overlay that is fused to the white background sheet -- not printed. This paper would add texture to your projects. The sheet size is 5 7/8" square. There are a total of 12 sheets in 4 colors. Made in Japan.
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Foil Origami Paper Assorted

14084080 Available: 2
Foil Origami Paper is a staple for any origami artist. These packs provide a variety of foil colors which have a shiny foil face and white on the reverse.
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Origami Paper Color Mesh

14084090 Available: 5
This product is great not only for Origami folding but can also add texture and visual interest to collage, cards and other crafts projects.  It is not a paper- it is a 100% rayon mesh. There are 10 colors (2 sheets of each color). The size is 5 7/8" square. Made in Japan.
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