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Pro Art Rainbow Construction Paper 12"x 9"

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Pro Art construction paper pad. These extra heavyweight papers are made from 10-Percent post-consumer and 40-Percent post-manufacture recycled papers. Tape bound with fifty sheets per pad.
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Canford Paper 20.5 in. X 30.5 in.

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Canford Coloured Paper is high-quality paper and stiff card in a wide range of brilliant, matte colours, perfect for presentation and display in every setting - from the professional design studio to the school art room. Canford Coloured Paper is an exciting and versatile medium in its own right for paper sculpture and modelling, decorative arts, collage and craft. Easy to cut, curve, crease and emboss to create three-dimensional works of art.
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SunWorks Construction Paper

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Brilliantly colored, high bulk, high strength, smooth textured heavyweight construction paper. Long, strong fibers to cut clean and fold evenly without cracking, ideally suited for art and craft usage. 50 sheets per package. Chemical-free pulping process to ensure a cleaner environment. Recyclable.
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Grafix Clear Plastic Film 20"x 12"

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A clear flat film designed for overlays, stencils and protective coverings. Clear-Lay has archival qualities since it contains no plasticizers and is acid free. Available in clear and transparent colors.
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