Rubbermaid BBQ Short Handle Brush

82624 Available: 27
Brass bristles resist rust and slotted steel scraper clean hardened, baked on grime.

Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

86802 Available: 4
GrillPro's Magnetic Gas Level Indicator changes color as the gas level changes. Color scale indicates gas level. Magnetic backing allows you to place it anywhere you like.

Charcoal Starter 32oz

87751 Available: 26
Great way to light charcoal briquets. High-quality, clean and fast starting fluid. Odorless.

Big Green Egg Apple Wood Chunky Wood Chips 180

102265 Available: 12
Sprinkling soaked wood chips on the coals you can smoke your ingredients and dishes to perfection, to give them more flavor.

Big Green Egg Cherry Wood Smoking Chips 180 CU IN

102267 Available: 12
Cherry Smoke is a very mild smoke with a slight fruity flavoring and pairs well with game birds and almost any meat including beef tenderloin, pork, poultry and lamb.

Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Spatula with Soft Grip Handle

105103 Available: 6
Extra long stainless steel shafts keep heat safely at a distance, and contoured handles provide a comfortable and secure grip.

Big Green Egg Silicone Tip Tongs 16 Inch

105104 Available: 5
Multi-purpose stainless steel tongs with practical silicon accents. The silicone has an anti-slip effect and offers an excellent grip.

Big Green Egg Silicone Head Basting Brush

105105 Available: 6
The basting brush is a kitchen tool, which belongs to every outdoor kitchen. It is made of stainless steel and allows to spread all the ingredients for your food such as butter, oil, marinade or sauce. The shape of the handle makes the tool comfortable to grip and your size ensures sufficient clearance between your hand and the heat from your cooking surface. Silicone Head is removable for easy cleaning.

Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Mesh Grill Scrubber

105106 Available: 5
The Big Green Egg Stainless cleaning brush makes cleaning your grill much easier and faster than with a regular cleaning brush. The great advantage of this cleaning brush compared to the regular steel brushes, is that there is not constant hairs falling out.

Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Scrubber Replace Heads 2 Pack

105107 Available: 6
Extremely durable for intense cleaning, Stainless Steel Mesh Grid Scrubber Replacement Heads are made with patented stainless steel mesh that outperforms wire brushes without losing bristles. 2 per pack.

Bird Dog BBQ Sauce Mild 20oz

106617 Available: 23
Mild BBQ Sauce With loads of visible spices and a thick, smooth consistency, it's not too tangy, it's not too sweet, this one is just right. GF, MSG Free, Made in Colorado!

Bird Dog BBQ Sauce Hot 20oz

106618 Available: 24
Hot BBQ Sauce-Our hot sauce mimics the mild but we add a special chili sauce that creates an amazing flavor along with just the right amount of after-burn. GF, MSG Free, Made in Colorado!