Rubbermaid BBQ Short Handle Brush

82624 Available: 14
Brass bristles resist rust and slotted steel scraper clean hardened, baked on grime.

Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

86802 Available: 3
GrillPro's Magnetic Gas Level Indicator changes color as the gas level changes. Color scale indicates gas level. Magnetic backing allows you to place it anywhere you like.

Grill Zone Electric Charcoal Starter

8005076 Available: 18
Grill Zone, Electric Charcoal Starter, No More Lighter Fluid No More Odors Lights Every Time.

Lava Rock 6LB

8005662 Available: 7
6 LB, Lava Rock, Ideal For All Gas Grills That Use Volcanic Rock, Average Life 1 Year.

DiversiTech Grill Pad 30" x 42" Brown

8107625 Available: 2
30" x 42", Original, Rectangle, Brown, Grill Pad, Is Composed Of A Lightweight & Flexible Fiber Cement Mixture, It Offers Maximum Protection To Decks, Patios & Other Structures From Incidental Spark Exposure, Hot Grease Splatter & Spills, Patent Pending.

Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Thermometer 12"

8139909 Available: 3
Stainless steel; 50 to 750-Degree; Tempered glass face; Fits all bayou classic bayou fryers; Clam shell pack

Bayou Aluminum Turkey Fryer Basket 30 Qt

8139933 Available: 5
30-Quart Perforated Aluminum Accessory Basket. Fits 30-Quart Bayou Classic Turkey Fryers and larger. Use to boil seafood, crawfish, clams, corn, and other vegetables.

Weber Small Drip Pan 1.5"x 7.5"x 5"

8211005 Available: 55
Foil liners for grease catch pan. The inside dimensions of the pan are 7  1/2  inch by 5 inch by 1  1/4  inch. The outside of the dimensions are 8  3/4  inch by 6 inch by 1  1/2  inch. (Does not fit Summit 6-burner gas grills)

Weber Large Drip Pan 1.5"x11"x7"

8211013 Available: 16
Facilitate indirect cooking or make side dishes, desserts, and more in these disposable aluminum pans. External dimensions are 13" x 9" x 2", internal dimensions are 11" x 7" x 2". 10 pans per pack

Bamboo Grill Brush 18"

8211062 Available: 75
Easily clean cooking grates with long-wearing bristles and a notched scraper. Bamboo handle is a highly renewable resource.

Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

8211369 Available: 23
Get coals lighted quick with the Weber Chimney starter. Place the Chimney Starter with coals on top of lighter cubes or crumpled newspapers and light. It is that easy! Durable aluminized steel with extra large capacity and a cone shaped grate holds enough briquettes for a 22-1/2 inch kettle grill.

Charcoal Divider 18.5" 2pk

8211641 Available: 6
Weber, 2 Pack, Charcoal Divider, Holds Charcoal Against The Side Of Kettle For Indirect Cooking, Fits All 18-1/2" & Larger Kettles.