Sun Protection

Sport Shelter 9' x 6' Blue

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About Caravan CanopyPop up a Caravan Canopy top, and instantly your world is a better place. Under the protection of Caravan Canopy s products, friends can gather, families can relax, and business associates can meet. Caravan Canopy is the original maker of the pull-pin slider, making it the brand that thousands of canopy owners worldwide call the Manufacturer of the World s Finest Canopy. Fire-resistant, strong, and guaranteed, California-based Caravan Canopy is an excellent choice.
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Canopy MSeries Pro2 10'x10' Blue

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The M-Series 2 Pro 10'x10' from Caravan(R) Canopy Sports offers the ideal combination of strength and portability. This unit features a patented rising truss system that combines the benefits of a full truss system's strength by reinforcing the truss bars, while offering additional headroom similar to the cathedral style frames. This step up unit has a lightweight steel frame that includes Caravan's patented pull pin technology. The M-Series 2 Pro is a unique blend of commercial grade strength and recreational grade portability.
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Caravan V/M-Series 2 Pro Sidewall 10"x10"

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The Caravan Canopy 10'X10' Straight Leg Sidewall Kit is the perfect complement to our V-Series 2 Pro and M-Series Pro 2 canopies, providing additional shade, privacy, and shelter from the elements. The kit includes 4 polytaffetta walls, including one wall with a middle zipper for ease of entrance or exit. The walls attach with high grade hooks and loops and can be used all at once or individually depending on your needs. This kit is for Caravan Canopy V-Series 2 Pro and M-Series Pro 2 10' X 10' straight leg canopies only. Canopy frame and top are not included. Please check your canopy series, size, and leg configuration to make sure you order the correct fitting walls.

Set of 4 walls included
One walls comes with a middle zipper for easy entry/ exit
Perfect fit for Caravan V-Series Pro and M-Series Pro straight leg models (other walls available for different models). Please check your canopy frame to make sure you are ordering the correct walls.
Canopy frame and top not included
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Canopy VSeries Pro2 10'x10'Blue

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Canopies,Tents & Awnings V-Pro Series 2 Kit Canopy. V series 2 pro caravan canopy sports is the straight leg version of our popular recreational grade unit. The cathedral style roof design maximizes headroom clearance while the straight leg design provides the maximum amount of shade.
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