Gerson Patio Light String Spiralwire 10 Count

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ST40 Wire Spiral Patio Light Set (10-Count)
Decorate your outdoor gardens and patios with this 10 Ct. ST40 Wire Spiral Patio Light Set.

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10 Count of ST40 Clear Light Bulbs
Brown Wire
8 in. Bulb Spacing
UL Listed
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Gerson PatioLight String Basket 10 Count

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This Electric LED Patio Light Set is the perfect addition to any yard! With 10 warm white rocket LEDs and lantern bulb covers, it is stylish and modern.
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Kurt Adler Patio Light String Redlantern 10 Count

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Kurt Adler Patio Light String Multicolor 10 Count

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Add a dash of quirky color and tropical flair to your holiday or party decor and lighting with this set of 10 lantern lights by Kurt Adler. Each of the 10 round lantern light covers has a bold color -- red, green, pink, blue, and orange -- overlaid by a white hibiscus floral print.
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Kurt S Adler Old Fashioned Clear LED 20 Light Set

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Add to your lighting and decor with this cool white old fashioned light set by Kurt Adler. Each bulb in this set has a vintage-inspired, old fashioned, oversized design that is sure to bring feelings of nostalgia when strung on your tree. Inside the bulbs are frosted with a diamond pattern.
Pre-lit by 20 cool white LED lights
5-inch lead wire
12-inch light spacing
5-inch End to end connector
Each bulb measures 3.25-inches tall
For both indoor & outdoor use
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Tabletop Torch Ceramic Bronze Small

200563 Available: 2
Brighten things up with a Tiki Ceramic Small Fire Pit. This stylish outdoor light is designed for use on any tabletop. Great for entertaining guests at night, it'll burn up to 4 hours with standard Tiki torch fuel. The tabletop fire pit is made of weather-resistant ceramic with a fiberglass wick.
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Island King Flame Torch 6'

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Create a Paradise in Your Backyard with the TIKI Brand Island King Torch. The Island King Torch features a unique design that results in a 5x larger flame than average outdoor garden torches. The Island King metal Torch is easy to use with a no-touch filling system that makes the torch easy to use with less mess. For best results, use TIKI Brand Citronella Torch Fuel or OFF/Bite Fighter Torch Fuel for proven mosquito repellency (each sold separately).
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Lamplight Cedar & Citronella Torch Fuel 64oz

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Create a Paradise in Your Backyard with TIKI Brand torch fuel - America's # 1 Torch Fuel. The citronella torch fuel is ideal for use with TIKI Brand torches, TIKI Brand FlexFuel table torches and TIKI Brand fire sculptures. Set the mood and add fun, decor, and ambience to your backyard or patio.
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Thermacell Patio Lantern

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Enjoy being mosquito-free outdoors with the MR 9L ThermaCELL Mosquito Lantern. This portable mosquito repellent is well-suited for a deck or campsite and is designed to be completely safe. There is no open flame with this outdoor ThermaCELL mosquito repellent lantern, providing you safe use around your home and family. This ThermaCell portable mosquito lantern is designed to be 98 percent effective, so you can rely on this lantern to keep your favorite areas bug free.
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Replacement Fiberglass Torch Wick 2pk

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Hollowick TIKI Torch Replacement WickThis long-life fiberglass wick from Hollowick works with all TIKI Brand torches and refillable canisters. Each package contains two wicks.
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Coleman Citronella Candle Lantern

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The Coleman 50-Hour Citronella Lantern repels mosquitoes and burns up to 50 hours for long use. It's excellent for backyards, campsites, picnic areas and patios. This lantern is made with the classic feel of the Coleman Northstar Lantern as well as its unique design. Equipped with a U-shaped metal handle, this backyard lantern is easy to hold as well as hang. The citronella in this lantern provides you with a wonderful atmosphere and keeps nights peaceful and mosquito-free.
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Galvanized Citronella Candle Bucket

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TIKI, the brand trusted by millions, helps create a paradise in your backyard. Create a warm glow with a TIKI citronella galvanized bucket. Whether you're entertaining on the patio, by the pool, at the park or the beach, citronella buckets are perfect for every outdoor occasion.
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