Blue Rhino LP Outdoor Firebowl Slate(Glass)

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With its slate tile and steel mantel, this handcrafted Uniflame LP fire pit, by Blue Rhino, features the classic elements of high end furniture, with the durability of weather resistant steel. Its decorative base cleverly conceals a propane tank (not included) and control panel, making it an attractive centerpiece for your outdoor living space. Complete with a 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner, you can enjoy all the ambiance of a classic fire, without the mess of tending ashes. Adding to the elegance, this unit is available with colored fire glass, which beautifully accents its flames. The unit is easy to assemble with no tools needed, and includes a 1-year limited warranty and protective cover.
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ORB Round Geo Outdoor Firebowl

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Uniflame WAD1009SP Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Firebowl with Geometric Design provides 360 degrees of warmth and view. These appealing outdoor fireplaces are affordable portable and it is so easy to use. Family and friendly gatherings will be more fun because of the right warmth it brings to your backyard patio and pool area. Uniflame is the top of the line for the best portable outdoor fireplaces to warm up winter and chilly nights. 25" x 36"
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ORB Round Lattice Outdoor Firebowl

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With an oil-rubbed bronze finish and a crisscross design, this fire bowl accentuates your outdoor decor. This wood-burning fire bowl has a removable lid, which keeps the flame and ashes contained. Made of steel for durability, this bronze fire bowl has a weatherproof design, which makes it perfect for all-year use. It comes with a spark arrestor. This fire bowl requires simple assembly.
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Diamond Glass Onyx Glass Fire Gems 5lb

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Fire glass brings your fire pit to life with vibrant colors. Choose the color and style you prefer to illuminate your fire pit burner with the illusion of melting gemstones!
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Clay Chimenea Diamond Toscano

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The chiminea is primarily a wood-burning stove.  Hard woods burn best and produce the least amount of sparks.  Some chiminea users who cook in their chimineas burn charcoal, which gives a longer lasting, more uniform heat than firewood.

Don't ever use any lighting fluid, alcohol or gasoline in a chiminea!  There is a possible explosive danger in using any sort of accelerant in a closed stove,  This makes the lighting of the coal a challenge!  One safe way is to first burn some hard wood to form wood coals, which in turn are hot enough to light the charcoal.  You could also use self-lighting charcoal.
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Blue Rhino Outdoor Liquid Propane Antique Copper Firepit

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Model: GAD16600S
BTUs-58,000 BTUs
Ignition-Integrated Ignition
Enjoy a Classic Campfire that's Easy to Start and Mess-free
Perfect for Camping, Tailgating, or your Backyard
Cook Marshmallows, Hot Dogs, and More
58,000 BTU Output with Integrated Ignition for Maximum Heat
Lightweight Design with Antique Copper Finish
Lava Rocks and Locking Lid Included
Long (10 ft.) Hose with Regulator Included
Uses Standard LP Grill Tank (not included)
Warranty-1 Year Limited
Size (without LP gas tank)-18.5 in. dia. x 18.5 in.
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Uniflame LP Outdoor Firebowl Slate (Lava)

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Bring the warmth and ambience of a fireplace to your patio, deck or backyard with this Uniflame LP fireplace, by Blue Rhino. With its streamlined architectural detail, this 30" fire pit features a decorative base that cleverly conceals a propane tank (not included) and control panel, making it an attractive centerpiece for your outdoor living space. Adding to the elegance, this unit comes with lava rocks, which beautifully accents its flames. 1-year limited warranty included.
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Blue Rhino Lattice Outdoor Firebowl Aged Bronze

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Keep friends and family warm with this square-design wood-burning fire bowl. The powder-coated steel frame is finished in bronze, adding an elegant touch to your campfire setting. Color: Aged Bronze.
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Clay Chimenea Striped Red

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Originating in Mexico in the 17th century, the original chimineas were used to bake bread.  As with the originals, modern chimineas are handmade from raw, wet clay,  giving each chiminea its own personality.  They are actually made from two pieces... the chimney or "stack" made separately from the wood chamber or "base".  After a short period of air drying, they are joined together to make a seemingly seamless fireplace!

The formed chiminea is allowed to air dry for a few more days and then is baked in a 900+  degree kiln.  Allowing enough drying time as important since chimineas placed into the kiln while too wet will invariably crack. After thorough cooling, the outside is painted to give a rustic-looking, almost antique appearance.  (Personally, I like the antique weathered look... then I don't have to be on "pins n' needles" waiting for that first inevitable blemish!)

Chimineas range in size from table top stoves used as candle holders to multi-hundred pound behemoths that can be used for cooking or as striking architectural accents in yards and patios.  The assortment of styles is amazing, ranging from the plain and conservative to truly ornate clay work.
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