Flat Oil Lamp Wick 3/4"

60729 Available: 18
8 length
For oil lamp burner No. 314

Unscented Lamp Oil 64oz Clear

61491 Available: 3
Lamplight has been creating indoor lighting solutions, like Medallion Lamp Oil , for almost five decades. Ideal for everyday lighting, Medallion Lamp Oil burns bright in any situation, including power outages. Highlights: Size: 64 Oz. Provides a bright light Ideal for emergency lighting For use in oil lamps Do not use in oil candles Recyclable PET bottle

TAG GlazeTerra Citro CandlePot White

105637 Available: 1
glazed terracotta candlepot with citronella scented paraffin wax. great for outdoor lighting burn time 13 hours. re-usable pot, holds a 3.25 inch drop in planter.

Gerson LED Umbrella Light Up/Down 8 in.

108092 Available: 8
Gerson Up And Down Umbrella Light
Umbrella Light, Warm White LEDs, Battery Operated, 8 in Disc, Brown

Gerson PatioLight String Basket 10 Count

108097 Available: 9
This Electric LED Patio Light Set is the perfect addition to any yard! With 10 warm white rocket LEDs and lantern bulb covers, it is stylish and modern.

Gerson Patio Light String Wirecage 10 Count

108099 Available: 5
Set the stage for late-night summer gatherings with the soft, warm glow of outdoor-safe clear globe lights. They're perfect for decks, patios or any outdoor living space. String of 10 patio lights has a lighted length of 72"

Kurt Adler Patio Light String Linen Star 10 Count

108100 Available: 19
This Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Linen Star Light Set is a natural, elegant way to add to the lighting of your holiday decor. Each light in this novelty indoor-outdoor light set features a plastic five-point star light cover wrapped in a natural-colored linen fabric that shines.

Kurt Adler Patio Light String Redlantern 10 Count

108102 Available: 20

Kurt Adler Patio Light String Multicolor 10 Count

108104 Available: 19
Add a dash of quirky color and tropical flair to your holiday or party decor and lighting with this set of 10 lantern lights by Kurt Adler. Each of the 10 round lantern light covers has a bold color -- red, green, pink, blue, and orange -- overlaid by a white hibiscus floral print.

Tabletop Torch Ceramic Bronze Small

200563 Available: 13
Brighten things up with a Tiki Ceramic Small Fire Pit. This stylish outdoor light is designed for use on any tabletop. Great for entertaining guests at night, it'll burn up to 4 hours with standard Tiki torch fuel. The tabletop fire pit is made of weather-resistant ceramic with a fiberglass wick.

Lamplight Farms Warm Gray Citron Candle 3 Wick

200566 Available: 1
Warm Gray, Ceramic Crackle Triple Wick Citronella Candle.

Kerosene 2 1/2 Gallon

1003052 Available: 7
Refined to lower the sulfur content, improves air quality and extends wick life. Meets ASTM 1K Specification. Suitable for all kerosene-burning heaters, lamps and stoves.