Lighting & Heaters

TIKI Fire Pot Black 10 Inch

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Brighten things up with a Tiki Tabletop Fire Pit in black. This stylish outdoor light is designed for use on any tabletop. Great for entertaining guests at night, it'll burn up to 4 hours with standard Tiki torch fuel. It's made of weather-resistant ceramic with a fiberglass wick.
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Diamond Glass Onyx Glass Fire Gems 5lb

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Fire glass brings your fire pit to life with vibrant colors. Choose the color and style you prefer to illuminate your fire pit burner with the illusion of melting gemstones!
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Thermacell Patio Lantern

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Enjoy being mosquito-free outdoors with the MR 9L ThermaCELL Mosquito Lantern. This portable mosquito repellent is well-suited for a deck or campsite and is designed to be completely safe. There is no open flame with this outdoor ThermaCELL mosquito repellent lantern, providing you safe use around your home and family. This ThermaCell portable mosquito lantern is designed to be 98 percent effective, so you can rely on this lantern to keep your favorite areas bug free.
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Coleman LED Lantern String Lights

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String of ten tiny LED lanterns
o Portable -- powered by 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
o String stretches 6 ft.
o Up to 20 hours runtime
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