Insect Control

Mosquito Magnet Replacement Net

MM300NET Available:
The Mosquito Magnet replacement net is designed for use with the Mosquito Magnet. The net should be emptied or replaced every 21 days. One net is included per pack.
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Mosquito Magnet

MM3200 Available:
Pesky mosquitoes can turn your outdoor event into a nightmare. They make it impossible to enjoy a summer evening, and they are known carriers and transmitters of a wide range of diseases such as West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, malaria and many others. The Mosquito Magnet family of home mosquito control products can help you win the battle against these relentless and potentially dangerous pests. The Independence model is cordless and comes with 4 "C" batteries. The Patriot model has a 50-foot, 12V power cord to allow placement away from the family area yet near the mosquitos' breeding and resting areas.
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