Winter Toys

Paricon I-39 Blizzard Flexible Flyer Inflatable Snowtube 39"

81522 Available: 61
Made from cold crack resistant PVC. Includes over-sized handles and safety air valve. Tested to withstand temp of 22 degrees below zero. 39" diameter (deflated). Double welded seams. Ages 5 and up.

Winter Toboggan 48"

83019 Available: 94
Molded-In Hand Grips. 48" Length, Extra Deep Injection Molded Sled. Heavy Construction With 3 Molded Runners. For Improved Tracking. For Use By Two Children. Assorted Colors.

Poly Flyer Saucer 26"

83020 Available: 55
Molded-In Hand Grips. 26" Diameter X 3-1/2" Deep. For Use By One Person. Assorted Colors.

Orange Beast Toboggan 66"

8097065 Available: 1
66" Family Fun Toboggan
Family-size toboggan (orange).
Fits up to four small children
or parents and kids together
Extra-heavy-duty poly
In-and-out rope handles along
rails provide easy grip for
multiple riders
Diamond-polished bottom for
speedy sliding
Easy-to-spot bright color for

Sled Snowsprint Racer

8097073 Available: 11
Racer-style sled.
Cool, tie-dye pattern
Large, open handles
Unique curved-rocker design helps keep rider in sled and the snow out Forward heel-lock design for secure rider position
Handy color-matched towrope
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety

Sno Twin Toboggan Purple 48"

8109506 Available: 32
48" Sno-Twin - Two-Rider Toboggan
Heavy-duty two-rider toboggan.
Assorted colors
Durable molded poly
Molded-in ribbed, inset, comfort handles
Handy color-matched towrope
Diamond-polished bottom for speedy sliding
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety

Sno Racer Disc Purple 26"

8109514 Available: 58
26" Heavy-Duty SnoRacer Disc
Heavy-duty 26" disc.
Assorted colors
Comfort-ribbed inside
Molded-in ribbed comfort handles
Diamond-polished bottom for speedy sliding
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety

Sno Raider Racer Sled 42"

8138745 Available: 25
Race-car style sled.
Large hydroplane snow-rail surface for the fastest ride
Fender pods assist turning control with forward foot
Comfort-tested ergonomic deep-seat design
Handy color-matched towrope
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety

Pelican Snow Trek 45 Gear Sled

8205635 Available: 7
Rugged, durable and versatile thanks to its high-density polyethylene construction - just what you need for towing gear for your hunting trips and winter activities. Built-in attachment points for bungee cords or nets. Unique design enables two Snow Trek 45s to be put together to enclose gear and add capacity.

RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH - This utility sled should never be towed by a motorize vehicle as serious injury or death may occur if doing so.

Zipfy Mini Luge Sled Red

8234353 Available: 1
Zipfy, Lightweight, Compact Performance Snow Sled, Made Of Lightweight Polyethylene Plastic & Rugged Enough To Accommodate A 250 LB Rider, Control Handle For Steering & Digging Your Heels Into The Ground The Rider Has The Ability To Stop Or Slow Down, Ages 5 & Up.

Erapro/Paris Kids Sled Snowflake

15520632 Available: 12
Sno flake, red infant/toddler pull sled, wide stance to prevent tipping, safety harness holds child in place & long runners gives baby a nice ride, nest to minimize storage space, yellow harness & handle.

Pelican Sizzler 36 Inch Steerable Sled Red

15521006 Available: 16
Maneuverability and precision for the solo rider. Hand levers change direction and brake. There's even built-in pull rope storage!