Winter Toys

Paricon I-39 Blizzard Flexible Flyer Inflatable Snowtube 39"

81522 Available: 57
Made from cold crack resistant PVC. Includes over-sized handles and safety air valve. Tested to withstand temp of 22 degrees below zero. 39" diameter (deflated). Double welded seams. Ages 5 and up.

Winter Toboggan 48"

83019 Available: 29
Molded-In Hand Grips. 48" Length, Extra Deep Injection Molded Sled. Heavy Construction With 3 Molded Runners. For Improved Tracking. For Use By Two Children. Assorted Colors.

Poly Flyer Saucer 26"

83020 Available: 42
Molded-In Hand Grips. 26" Diameter X 3-1/2" Deep. For Use By One Person. Assorted Colors.

Orange Beast Toboggan 66"

8097065 Available: 1
66" Family Fun Toboggan
Family-size toboggan (orange).
Fits up to four small children
or parents and kids together
Extra-heavy-duty poly
In-and-out rope handles along
rails provide easy grip for
multiple riders
Diamond-polished bottom for
speedy sliding
Easy-to-spot bright color for

Sno Twin Toboggan Purple 48"

8109506 Available: 5
48" Sno-Twin - Two-Rider Toboggan
Heavy-duty two-rider toboggan.
Assorted colors
Durable molded poly
Molded-in ribbed, inset, comfort handles
Handy color-matched towrope
Diamond-polished bottom for speedy sliding
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety

Sno Racer Disc Purple 26"

8109514 Available: 46
26" Heavy-Duty SnoRacer Disc
Heavy-duty 26" disc.
Assorted colors
Comfort-ribbed inside
Molded-in ribbed comfort handles
Diamond-polished bottom for speedy sliding
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety

Sno Raider Racer Sled 42"

8138745 Available: 21
Race-car style sled.
Large hydroplane snow-rail surface for the fastest ride
Fender pods assist turning control with forward foot
Comfort-tested ergonomic deep-seat design
Handy color-matched towrope
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety

Erapro/Paris Kids Sled Snowflake

15520632 Available: 4
Sno flake, red infant/toddler pull sled, wide stance to prevent tipping, safety harness holds child in place & long runners gives baby a nice ride, nest to minimize storage space, yellow harness & handle.

Pelican Sizzler 36 Inch Steerable Sled Red

15521006 Available: 6
Maneuverability and precision for the solo rider. Hand levers change direction and brake. There's even built-in pull rope storage!

Lucky Bums Snow Kids Skis w/Poles Green

15521521 Available: 6
Product Description

Lucky Bums Kid's Beginner Snow Skis and Poles (Green/Black, 70-cm)

The Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Snow Skis & Poles set is the perfect introduction to skiing for those 4 plus beneath. With a rugged shape including flexible bindings, scales found on the bottom of the skis, plus connected straps to guarantee a secure fit, these 70cm plastic skis allow kids to receive selected to wearing skis inside the snow plus an introduction to the sliding sensation. The bindings enable for heel lift creating these plastic skis without metal edges the perfect initial pair of skis for kids simply understanding to walk all method about 4 years older. Limited life guarantee against information or workmanship defect.

Plastic snow skis with poles for beginner back yard fun (70cm long)
Rugged design includes flexible bindings that allow heel lift, accommodate snow boots, and attached straps to ensure a secure fit
Include scales on the bottom of the ski to enable traction in the snow
With no metal edges, these skis are a great introduction to skiing and a wonderful holiday gift
Recommended for ages 4 and under and not for use at ski resorts

Paricon Flexible Flyer Sled 48"

8038515 Available: Out of stock
Grooved Runners For Better Tracking. Multiple Ribs. Reinforced Knees. Steel Runner. Hard Wood Deck.

Sled Snowsprint Racer

8097073 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Racer-style sled.
Cool, tie-dye pattern
Large, open handles
Unique curved-rocker design helps keep rider in sled and the snow out Forward heel-lock design for secure rider position
Handy color-matched towrope
Easy-to-spot bright color for safety