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Lucky Bums Snow Kids Skis w/Poles Green

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Lucky Bums Kid's Beginner Snow Skis and Poles (Green/Black, 70-cm)

The Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Snow Skis & Poles set is the perfect introduction to skiing for those 4 plus beneath. With a rugged shape including flexible bindings, scales found on the bottom of the skis, plus connected straps to guarantee a secure fit, these 70cm plastic skis allow kids to receive selected to wearing skis inside the snow plus an introduction to the sliding sensation. The bindings enable for heel lift creating these plastic skis without metal edges the perfect initial pair of skis for kids simply understanding to walk all method about 4 years older. Limited life guarantee against information or workmanship defect.

Plastic snow skis with poles for beginner back yard fun (70cm long)
Rugged design includes flexible bindings that allow heel lift, accommodate snow boots, and attached straps to ensure a secure fit
Include scales on the bottom of the ski to enable traction in the snow
With no metal edges, these skis are a great introduction to skiing and a wonderful holiday gift
Recommended for ages 4 and under and not for use at ski resorts
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Kwik Tek Hardwood Snowboard 90cm

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Hardwood Snowboard 90cm
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Hardwood Snowboard 110cm

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Hardwood Snowboard 110cm. The Airhead Snow Ryder Sled offers tons of fun, all winter long! Designed for use in the backyard, and not intended for resort use, this unique-style sled rides great on small, rolling hills.
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Snurfer Boards

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Surfing. Sledding. Put the two together and what do you get? Snurfing! Forget the complicated gear. Snurfers are simple, durable, and tons of fun. Each board is crafted from the finest maple available from the USA. There are no metal rails or bindings to get in the way, just a unique riding experience where balance meets pure enjoyment.
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Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snowboard Blue 120cm

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Fortunate Bums Plastic Snowboard (120cm, Blue)

The Lucky Bums Beginner Snowboard is a great option to introduce children to snowboarding within the yard or in the nearby sledding mountain. You don't need to fight to stay in those sandal strap binding designs anymore! The tough design includes premounted adjustable bindings on a smooth base board with a normal snowboard cut. The 120cm long board does not have any steel edges and it is perfect as a holiday present for the first time snowboarder. Restricted lifetime warranty against material or workmanship defect. Features

Smooth bottom synthetic snowboard (120cm long) with conventional snowboard bindings for yard enjoyable together with nearby sledding hill
Rugged design includes premounted adjustable bindings to allow for snowfall boots and durable latch system to make sure a secure fit
Skip the discouraging sandal band design and go through the happy Bums unique design with real bindings a smooth base and traditional snowboard cut!
without any metal sides, this synthetic snowboard is an excellent introduction to snowboarding and a great vacation gift
Recommended for ages 9 and up rather than for use at ski resorts
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Pelican X-Treme Snow Board Blue

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X-Treme Snow Board in Blue. A basic board for sled hills with adjustable toe bindings.
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Scoot down the slopes this winter with the Airhead Scoot Snow Scooter. Features a slick grooved bottom for speed & tracking, made of durable molded polymer construction, and the handle hinges flat for easy storage.
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