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The Brew Dogs of Colorado I

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The Brew Dogs of Colorado is a photographic tribute to the special relationship between Colorado's craft brewers and their dogs. The book begins with a foreword from Denver's mayor, John Hickenlooper, a Colorado brewpub pioneer, and follows the stories of over 70 dogs and their breweries. Making great beer requires dedication to the craft, and Colorado's Brew Dogs prove that man's (and brewer's) best friend make the most loyal companions during the endless hours in the brewery. Dogs, beer, Colorado - it doesn't get much better!

The Cowboy Story (Book)

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John English's writing and photography has appeared in more than twenty-five books and a thousand magazine articles. A resident of Belle Fourche at the northern tip of the Black Hills, he was born and raised in Ireland and has always had a keen interest in history.

Colorado A Photographic History (Book)

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Built upon a core of historic images, this narrative explores the evolution of modern Colorado from the last Ice Age through the legalization of marijuana. It travels into the mines and through the Dust Bowl, explores the clash of cultures and the lives of household names such as Kit Carson and the Unsinkable Molly Brown, shines a light on shipbuilding and atomic detonations, celebrates the state's numerous Olympians and Nobel Laureates, and through it all revels in the natural, breathtaking wonder that is Colorado. An essential guide for tourists and citizens, there are more than two hundred photographs here and it includes a comprehensive index to the text (over 1,300 entries) that provides an easy-to-use reference. Not just a book, 'A Photographic History of Colorado' is a souvenir, a gift of heritage, and a keepsake that will be shared for generations.

Boulder A Photographic Essay

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Katherine Robbins wrote " Boulder A Photographic Essay" to help reveal the true beauty of Boulder, Katherine uses her talent to show people what she and many others had grown to love about Boulder. Katherine's fascination with color and unusual views makes this book a must have for any Boulder lovers collection.

McGuckin Hardware Behind The Green Vest (Book)

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Get the book that tells the story of a Boulder landmark. It all began in 1955 when an avid fisherman named Bill McGuckin, opened the doors of McGuckin Hardware. From its humble beginnings to the current 60,000 square feet of space and more than 200,000 items offered for sale, this book captures the stories, lore and legends that make McGuckin's a cherished part of our community.
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