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Future Electronics Rebel LXM3-PW71 3000K

13054632 Available: 1
The LUXEON Rebel series, from Philips Lumileds, are high quality, reliable LEDs. They offer design flexibility with high performance, making it easier to create energy efficient luminaires.  This REBEL-STAR-PLUS-8P130-3 comes mounted on a star-shaped board, which provides pads suitable for hand soldering.  The "starboard" is aluminum and can also serve as a heat sink, although a proper cooling method is recommended for long life.

Future Electronics Rebel LXML-PD01 Red

13054650 Available: 10
The color LED family of LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES has leading light output, color stability, flux density, and clear saturated colors. The color LEDs are ideal for a wide variety of lighting, signaling, signage and entertainment applications. Every LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES emitter has built-in quality, reliability, lumen maintenance and the ease of manufacturing needed to create a superior high quality light. The color portfolio gives designers an endless palette of colors to work with, adding interest, dimension, and liveliness to all your lighting projects. The LUXEON Rebel Color family includes LUXEON Rebel green, cyan, blue, royal-blue, red, red-orange, PC amber and amber emitters and LUXEON Rebel ES royal-blue LEDs. You can depend on LUXEON Rebel Colors to deliver brilliant saturated colors and the engineered-in performance, quality and reliability that LUXEON LEDs are known for

Sparkfun Inverter Battery Pack

13850500 Available: 14
Even though the Tron movies have been out for a while, electroluminescence is still the coolest thing since sliced bread. The only downer is carrying around a battery pack and bulky external inverter. Good news, we've found a slim battery-powered inverter for your next small EL project! This little black box takes two AA batteries and has two JST connectors for your EL wire/panel/tape. There are two modes: continuous on and flashing and it even has a belt clip!

We got a chance to play with these inverters and you can easily hack these to work with our Li-Po batteries (yep, at the fully charged 4.2V). To get inside, you'll need to remove a pair of screws (one is hiding under the CE sticker) and afterwards you'll want to wrap things up with electrical tape to avoid getting shocked (it just tingles a little).

The following current readings were taken while the pack was connected to one or more of our 3m EL wire:

Single strand always on: 190 to 260mA
Single strand blinking: 90 to 120mA
Two strands always on: ~300mA
Two strands blinking: ~150mA
Different color strands were used but the lengths were identical. Your mileage may vary. If you need to pick up some Li-Po batteries, electrical tape or EL wire to hack your own battery pack, check the related items below!

Dimensions: 20 x 34 x 90mm

SparkFun El Wire 3 Meter White

13850520 Available: 6
EL Wire allows you to create your custom lighting solutions. You can be creative with fashion, architectural accents, automotive installations and much more. It's lightweight, flexible and easy to install, even in hard to reach areas.

SparkFun El Wire 3 Meter Blue

13850525 Available: 14
EL Wire allows you to create your custom lighting solutions. You can be creative with fashion, architectural accents, automotive installations and much more. It's lightweight, flexible and easy to install, even in hard to reach areas.

SparkFun El Wire 3 Meter Red

13850530 Available: 4
EL wire, or electroluminescent wire, is a flexible wire coated in phosphor. Apply the appropriate voltage and it lights up! It looks a lot like a thin flexible neon tube.

SparkFun El Wire 3 Meter Purple

13850540 Available: 10
Our sewable EL wire makes attaching EL wire to your favorite costume a breeze. The EL wire is lined with a small plastic that can be attached directly to fabric.

SparkFun El Wire 3 Meter Green

13850542 Available: 8
High quality EL Wire & Motion EL Wire kits.
EL Wire emits a beautiful neon glow which is easily bendable to achieve any design. Perfect for costumes, rave bras, outlining and decorations.

Elenco 130-In-1 Electronic Lab

15140189 Available: 2
A great introduction to the world of electronics!
Start a great hobby in electronics. Spring coil connections make it safe and easy for anyone to use. Includes detailed; step-by-step illustrated manual for easy construction. Comes with built-in speaker; 7-segment LED display; two integrated circuits and rotary controls. Everything you need to build an AM Broadcast Station; Electronic Organ; Strobe Lights ; Timer; Logic Circuits and Much More!

Everything You Need to Build:

AM Broadcast Station
Electronic Organ
Logic Circuits
LED Strobe Light

High-Efficiency Gearbox 6-Speed

15140209 Available: 1
This is a 6-Speed Plastic Gearbox H.E. Assembly Kit.
It's from Tamiya for very experienced model builders.
FEATURES: Gearbox can be assembled for six different gear ratio. Select one according to application before assembling. Gear ratio can be altered from 11.6:1 to 1300.9:1 by gear combinations.
3V RE-260 motor.
Gear types include 8T, 36/14T, and a clutch.
Gear box accepts 130 or 140 motor types.
Other parts include a crossed horn and output shaft.
Use cam for vertical movement or change to rectilinear movement.
Grease included for lubrication, plus a hex wrench and small phillips screws.
Pictorial instructions included.
INCLUDES: One 6-Speed Gearbox H.E.
REQUIRES: Assembly

Twin Motor Gearbox Assembly Set

15140210 Available: 1
The Twin Motor Gear Box uses a two motor system to provide power and speed to turn the hex shaft. The gear box is made from high quality plastic. Use this gear box and motor set with other Tamiya Construction and Robotics products. Two FA-130 motors are included.

Universal Gearbox Assembly Kit

15140211 Available: 1
The Universal Gear Box works well in a variety of applications and can be mounted several ways. A hex shaft and a threaded shaft are included to give the builder flexibility in design. The plastic gears and metal gear box are all high quality. A FA-130 motor has also been included.