Woodland Scenics Lightweight Hydrocal 1/2 Gallon

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Woodland Lightweight Hydrocal 1/2 gal Lightweight Hydrocal has been specially formulated for terrain model builders. Half the weight of Hydrocal and goes twice as far. It is the tough, quick setting product you will prefer. Use it for casting rocks, creating hard shell scenery, filling in around castings, and as an adhesive. 1/2 gallon.
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Plaster Cloth 10 Sq Ft Roll

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Plaster Cloth Roll 8 Inch X 180 Inch- Woodland Scenics-Plaster Cloth Roll. The quick method for modeling terrain. Accepts pigments easily and is non-toxic. This package contains one 5 yard roll of 8 inch wide plaster cloth.
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Realistic Water 16oz

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Models lakes, ponds, rivers and more. No mixing required-pours directly from bottle. Self-leveling and self-healing. Flexible for easy modeling. Water-soluble for easy clean-up. Non-toxic.
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Woodland Scenic Spring Grass Medium Roll 33"x 50"

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Its unique characteristics make this non-shedding, vinyl grass mat the best on the market! ReadyGrass mats are colorfast, no fading, and they are durable/tear resistant. Ideal for train layouts, battle mats, architectural models, school projects, arts and crafts, slot cars, collectible houses, military models and more! Use a heat gun set to the LOW setting to mold hills, mountains and valleys. Simply scrape turf from Mat surface to create space for roads and water areas. Permanently mount the ReadyGrass Vinyl Mat to your layout or roll it up to store for future use! Available in five colors.
Size:  33" x 50"
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Woodland Scenic Earth Undercoat Terrain Paint 8oz

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Earth Undercoat. Use to create a brown/green terrain base for fields, prairies, mountains, hills or any other soft, earth-tone landscape. 8 fl oz (236 mL)
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Green Blend Fine Turf (Bag)

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Woodland Scenics' Blended Turf (Green Blend) is a Finely Ground, Colorfast, Nonmagnetic, Foam Material For Use in Creating Grass and Soil Effects. Landscaping adds color, texture and realism to terrain contours.
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Woodland Scenic HO General Public

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Set includes three men and three women. One woman stands wearing a trench coat and matching hat,. A man stands, a coat laid over his arm. Another man wears eyeglasses on and holds a briefcase under his arm. One woman waves "hello." Another woman walks briskly with her briefcase and a man gently strolls along holding his briefcase.
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