Military Models

Revell 1:35 German Personnel Carrier

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Halftracks provided protection, mobility, and support in virtually every conflict theater during both World War II and the Korean War. The M-16 version had a top speed of around 40mph and it was very versatile. With varying equipment, it could carry troops, weapons, supplies, and more. For this kit, the M-16 is fitted with a 50 caliber machine gun and is equipped with seating for six soldiers. Kit features extra storage boxes, fuel cans, seated driver, eight crew figures, flexible tracks, and opening doors. Skill Level 4.
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Revell 1:72 A10 Warthog Model

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Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in light gray, black and clear. Easy snap-together gluing needed. Seated pilot figure. Desktop display stand included. Peel 'n stick decals. Skill Level 1.
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Revell 1:426 USS Arizona Model

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1/426 USS Arizona Pacific Fleet Battleship.This proud ship remains synonymous with America's entry into World War II. On December 7, 1941, 1,177 men went down with her.  Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in light gray. Twelve elevating 14" cannon in four rotating turrets. Full light armament, including 5" and 1.1" AA guns and a 10.5" turret cannon. Finely engraved planking and plate detail. Complete deck fittings, including searchlights, motor launches and whaleboats, rangefinders, ladders, cranes, and tripod masts with observation nests. Two catapults with Vought O2U biplanes. Decals for ship and float planes. Full color flag sheet. Display stands. Detailed superstructure. Skill Level 2.
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