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Channel Craft J.J.'s Pocket Knife Kit

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These precision laser-cut wood craft kits are a great introduction to the world of Woodworking. The wooden pieces snap-fit together but a real work of art can be had with some glue, sandpaper, paints and wood stain. Each kit comes complete in a hinged-lid tin with instructions.
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Channel Craft J.J.'s Canoe Knife Kit

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Teach your young adventurer proper knife etiquette and craftsmanship with JJ's Canoe Knife Kit. To build your JJ's Canoe Knife, simply snap the six wooden pieces together and follow the illustrated instructions included.
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Stanley Kids 10 Piece Tool Set

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The Red Toolbox is an exciting addition to the world of do-it-yourself! Specially designed tools and exciting wood-building kits help children and parents work together, explore, create! So heavy duty and attractive - you may keep these tools for yourself! Beautiful craftsmanship starts with the basics.
The Red Toolbox 10 piece Toolset features durable carpentry tools specifically designed to suit a child's grip. Each piece is grounded in impressive strength and durability. Authentic, real-deal tool design provides a top-notch woodworking experience.
The 10 piece Red Toolbox Toolset includes:
2 Phillips Screwdrivers
Bar Clamp
Tape Measure
Safety Goggles
Tool Belt
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Lap Loom Project Kit

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Harrisville Designs Lap Loom Refill Kit provides enough yarn and instructions for your next beautiful lap loom project. This Refill Kit was assembled to be used with Harrisville's Lap Looms (Lap Loom not included). The refill kit contains the necessary warp and weft yarns to create a 9" x 15" or 12" x 17" tapestry for a purse or table runner. You receive 1 ounce of Cotton Warp String, 100% Pure Virgin Weft Wool in beautiful jewel tones, and illustrated instructions for weaving a piece of fabric.
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Harrisville Designs Lap Loom Wonder Wand

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The wonderful Wonder Wand makes weaving on the Lap Looms faster and easier! Just push the Wonder Wand down on the warp to separate the alternating threads (every other thread will be pushed down) making it much easier to weave. It is made of wood, not plastic. Easy to follow instructions are included.
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Toysmith Paint Your Own Mask

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Paint and create your own masks! Each kit includes all you need to design and embellish three 6.25 inch masks. Includes paints, brushes, stencils and more. Made by 4M - Toysmith. Pack of 6 kits.
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RubberBand Roadster

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The perfect D.I.Y. project! With wood pieces, rubber bands, straws and more- create a rubber band-powered Roadster that will zoom across the kitchen floor, dining room table and any other surface. Boxed Kit includes a wooden car body, wooden wheels, rubber bands for the motor and straws for the axels and clutch. A decal sheet is also included to customize your racecar.
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Build A Birdhouse

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Build a home for birds using the parts in this kit. Includes wood pieces, four paint pots, paint brush, nails, glue and instructions. Assembled size is 4.5" x 6" x 5.5".
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