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Harrisville Designs Lap Loom B Size 14.5X18.5 Inch

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Our Lap Looms are portable hardwood tapestry or frame looms that can be woven on while resting on a table, floor or, yes, your lap! A simple and practical way to learn to weave.

Lap Loom B Size: 14-1/2" x 18- 1/2".

The Lap Looms include: 1 ounce of Cotton Warp String, 6 Tubes of Colorful 100% Pure Virgin Wool Weft Yarn (enough to complete 1 project), 1 Tapestry Needle, 2 Wooden Shed Sticks, 2 - 6" Wooden Stick Shuttle, and Illustrated Instructions.

Recommended for ages 7 and older.
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