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Round World Voyager World Globe 12 in.

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The Voyager is a mixture of a traditional cherry finished stand and gold color die-cast meridian with a 12-inch antique ocean political non-illuminated globe. Over 4,000 named places and points of interest make this globe great for reference.
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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Truck

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With this clever update of a classic toy set, wooden letter blocks are ready to roll! A cargo of 28 wooden alphabet blocks (featuring uppercase and lowercase letters) stows on the sturdy trailer of this wooden truck toy. Roll it along, unload the blocks, make a tower, build a castle, or spell your name! With pictures of familiar objects illustrating each letter sound, these make charming storytelling blocks, too. Ready for even more play value? Simply slot the ABC blocks onto the trailer's wooden dowels and imagine amazing adventures on the road! Alphabet Truck makes a great gift for preschoolers, and is beneficial for hand-eye coordination, letter-sound recognition, and imaginative play.
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Catch and Count Fishing Game

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Catch some laughs and learning with this wooden magnetic play set--complete with working wind-up reel! The 10 magnetic fish are numbered and patterned to enrich matching, sorting and counting activities and two wooden rods make collecting them a blast! Kids can use the spinner to play as a game, or just have fun collecting the pieces over and over again. Either way, there's plenty of fun in this sea!
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Travel Fractiles w/ 8"x 8" Board

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Create a universe of possibilities using 96 magnetic tiles, an 8-inch by 8-inch steel tiling board and the most important element of all: Imagination. Easy to learn with an endless array of designs, puzzles and possibilities, Fractiles is perfect for travel, allowing all ages the opportunity to see how easy it is to see a world of creativity take shape.
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Fridge Fractiles

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Fridge Fractiles allows you to create an infinite variety of beautiful designs. Use it to create starbursts, spirals, butterflies, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, spaceships, illusions of 3D space. These wonderful little diamond-shaped tiles make it easy to design seven-fold snowflakes, starbursts, spirals, and much more. The versatile, elegant geometry of Fractiles allows anyone to create endless varieties of imaginative and beautiful designs, ranging from very simple to infinitely complex. Easy, creative, and versatile. The fridge version features 48 brilliantly colored flexible magnetic tiles, color illustrated cardboard CD style package to store tiles. Please note that a steel activity board is NOT included with this version. Great for the refrigerator, the file cabinet, the magnetic whiteboard. Wide in appeal, fractiles fans range from young children to seniors, from those with no math background to advanced math researchers. Easy to manipulate Fractiles magnetic tiles stay put, yet slide easily on their specially textured board. A feature helpful for anyone with fine motor skill problems. Fridge Fractiles received a Parents' Choice Award for play and educational value, quality and design. Fractiles build pattern recognition skills which are key to learning. Made in the USA.
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Fractiles Tiling Toy w/12"x 12" Board

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All the fun to be had making butterflies, flowers, spheres, and an infinite number of other patterned designs can actually lead to improved ability and success in art, mathematics, concentration, and more! Unlike most magnets, our flexible Amazing Magnets from Fractiles are remarkably easy to maneuver around the 12" x 12" textured black steel board, and cleverly packaged in an album-styled storage case, making it a great travel toy. Fractiles Amazing Magnets include 192 fractiles and illustrated instructional material. Ages 6 and up.
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3-D Solar System Glow In The Dark

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What a stellar set! Bring a splash of science to your decor with these gleaming planets and stars. A special phosphorescent formula will give your universe long life and all the accessories you need to hang and stick everything into place are included in the kit. Comes with nine glow-in-the-dark planets, 25 feet of string, 200 glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars and a planetary guide.
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Solar Print Paper

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Refill paper for the solarprint paper kits. Comes with 12 pieces of paper, and 1 print frame holder. Can be used without larger kit.
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Round World Save the World Coin Bank Globe 6 in.

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Children can learn about the world and oceans and other countries while saving their pennies.
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GeoSafari Microscope Set 48pc

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Educaional Insights MicroPro 48-piece Microscope Set is perfect for classroom use. The diecast metal body, glass eyepieces and power settings from 50X to 600X provide superior precision viewing. The built-in light and rack and pinion focusing deliver bright, clear images. The 48-piece kit has professionally prepared slides and everything users need to make their own specimen slides. Ages 8 and Above. Perfect for individual or classroom use, the glass eyepieces and power settings from 50x to 600x provide users with superior precision viewing. Not a toy, but a scientific instrument, the GeoVision MicroPro includes high visibility. The built - in light an drack - and - ponion focusing help deliver bright, clear images
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Educational Insights Optical Prism 4"

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High-quality, 4-inch optical plastic prism divides white light into a colorful spectrum. Grades 3 and up/Ages 8 and up
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Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart (UC)

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Hours of enriching block play await your toddler! This sturdy, wooden block cart features 30 solid wood blocks with a colorful collection of pictures, letters and numbers for simple recognition or matching, stacking and sorting activities. A tremendous value that will last for years!
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