Educational Toys

Round World Save the World Coin Bank Globe 6 in.

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Children can learn about the world and oceans and other countries while saving their pennies.
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Melissa & Doug Pet Vet Play Set

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24-piece pretend play pet vet set with plush dog and cat and fun veterinarian role playing accessories. Includes stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, Tweezers, clamp, cast, bandages, "treatments," "ointments," and reusable double-sided checklist for office visits. Make house calls, everything stores in handy tote bag.
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Melissa & Doug Horse Care Play Set

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23-Piece pretend play horse care play set with plush horse and feeding and grooming accessories. Includes horseshoes, brush, comb, wash pail, sponge, grain, hay, pellet bin, hay holder, water trough, double-sided water insert, saddle pad, saddle, bridle, horse blanket, name stickers. Reusable double-sided checklist to keep track of horse care responsibilities. Use portable cardstock horse stall as a cozy home for the horse, then store all the pieces inside and "horse around" anywhere.
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Toysmith Clean Water Science

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This personal desalination kit demonstrates the scientific way to extract salt from sea water. Contains a plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, filter paper and instructions. Just add a water glass!
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Toysmith Dynamo Torch

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Turn a simple toy motor into a generator that converts hand motion into electrical energy and powers a light bulb. Kit includes plastic casing, LED light bulb, toy motor, gears and detailed instructions!
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Toysmith Windmill Generator

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Learn about renewable energy! Just add a plastic bottle from the recycling bin to the contents of this kit. Kit makes a 5 inch generator that will power an LED. No batteries required.
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Round World Discover the Human Body

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Become a doctor-in-the-making with this fascinating tin set about the human body. Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your body? What happens to the food you eat and the air you breathe? Discover the answers to all your human-body questions through this tin set; a fun and informative introduction for young biology fans!
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Round World Discover Science

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Take your learning on the go with this easy to transport mini science tin! Discover the scientific world. This set introduces you to the basic Principles of biology chemistry and physics by providing a captivating insight into a variety of scientific ideas.
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Learning Resources Design and Drill Robot

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The Design & Drill Robot is the perfect introduction to STEM learning through basic engineering and construction play. Snap, drill, and decorate your rockin' robot pal with kid-friendly tools that little builders can easily compute!
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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Truck

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With this clever update of a classic toy set, wooden letter blocks are ready to roll! A cargo of 28 wooden alphabet blocks (featuring uppercase and lowercase letters) stows on the sturdy trailer of this wooden truck toy. Roll it along, unload the blocks, make a tower, build a castle, or spell your name! With pictures of familiar objects illustrating each letter sound, these make charming storytelling blocks, too. Ready for even more play value? Simply slot the ABC blocks onto the trailer's wooden dowels and imagine amazing adventures on the road! Alphabet Truck makes a great gift for preschoolers, and is beneficial for hand-eye coordination, letter-sound recognition, and imaginative play.
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Catch and Count Fishing Game

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Catch some laughs and learning with this wooden magnetic play set--complete with working wind-up reel! The 10 magnetic fish are numbered and patterned to enrich matching, sorting and counting activities and two wooden rods make collecting them a blast! Kids can use the spinner to play as a game, or just have fun collecting the pieces over and over again. Either way, there's plenty of fun in this sea!
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Travel Fractiles w/ 8"x 8" Board

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Create a universe of possibilities using 96 magnetic tiles, an 8-inch by 8-inch steel tiling board and the most important element of all: Imagination. Easy to learn with an endless array of designs, puzzles and possibilities, Fractiles is perfect for travel, allowing all ages the opportunity to see how easy it is to see a world of creativity take shape.
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