Educational Toys

Toysmith Clean Water Science

138001 Available: 2
This personal desalination kit demonstrates the scientific way to extract salt from sea water. Contains a plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, filter paper and instructions. Just add a water glass!
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Toysmith Potato Clock

138002 Available: 6
You may know potatoes as a good source of potassium, but did you know they can be used to power an alarm clock? This kit contains a digital clock, and the instructions and everything you need (minus the spuds) to run it.
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Toysmith Soda Can Robug

138003 Available: 5
Finished robug emits sound as it moves across the floor. Requires two "AAA" batteries, screwdriver and empty soda can. (not included).
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Toysmith Dynamo Torch

138004 Available: 2
Turn a simple toy motor into a generator that converts hand motion into electrical energy and powers a light bulb. Kit includes plastic casing, LED light bulb, toy motor, gears and detailed instructions!
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Toysmith Green Rocket

138005 Available: 5
This Green Rocket is made from trash, powered by green energy! Enjoy blasting rocket fun by recycling two drink bottles and a few old magazine pages. Stomp on the empty bottle and watch your rocket fly up to 80 feet. Learn the underlying physics of how this works.
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Toysmith Windmill Generator

138006 Available: 6
Learn about renewable energy! Just add a plastic bottle from the recycling bin to the contents of this kit. Kit makes a 5 inch generator that will power an LED. No batteries required.
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Solar Print Paper

15150617 Available: 22
Refill paper for the solarprint paper kits. Comes with 12 pieces of paper, and 1 print frame holder. Can be used without larger kit.
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Magnet Science Play Kit

M1025620 Available: 6
Teach children about the invisible power of magnetism with the 4M Magnet Science Kit. The Magnet Science Kit teaches young scientists about the effects of magnetism through a combination of fun science experiments and games. The kit contains materials to make interactive magnetic objects like the Super Power Horseshoe Magnet and the Magnet Wand. Construct Super Magnet Racer, a Yacht Compass, or a Mysterious Dangler. Activities like the Fishing Game provide hours of fun and provide hands-on learning about the effects of magnetism. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.
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Toysmith Mini Space Wonder Gyroscope

M73861 Available: 7
Produced since 1917, the gyroscope has been a classic educational toy for generations. It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. Each Original Tedco Gyroscope is packed in a clear styrene box with starting string, pedestal, and instructions for several amazing tricks. Made in USA
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