Flying Toys

JetFire Balsa Glider Plane

97070 Available: 23
High performance flyer. Planes have printed wing, tail and canopy surfaces. Easy to loop and glide. Planes can soar over 25 feet. These are "hand launch" free flight planes.

Guillow Sky Streak Balsa Airplane

15150170 Available: 20
Model plane kits skystreak Plane made from Balsa wood. Easy to fly rubberband powered airplane has a one piece wing with a built-in dihedral. Propeller and nose bearing made of high impact plastic.

Biplane Glider Model Kit

15150171 Available: 14
This biplane has two wings, held by strong plastic struts for twice the fun, a 12" wingspan, and bright superhero graphics. The Bullseye is easy to hand launch for flights of up to thirty feet. Display pack contains 24 planes. Great for youth group projects. Made in the USA.

Starfire Balsa Glider

15150173 Available: 25
A hefty glider especially designed for strong "baseball arms". Kids love to rear back and heave this racy job.

Arrowcopter Single Pack

15150324 Available: 60
Arrowcopter is a plastic toy consisting of a body and wing with a wooden dowel and rubber band used as a launching mechanism. When launched up into the sky, it soars 200 to 300 feet. It goes up like an arrow, turns over at its peak height and twirls down gently as it returns to the ground. Arrowcopter Flying toys were introduced to America at the New York Toy Fair in 1968. Over 9 million Arrowcopters were sold in just 3 years. In the early 1970's Arrowcopter was the third best selling toy in America. Arrowcopters were reintroduced to a whole new generation in 1990 after being off the market for 17 years. Arrowcopters are not mass marketed so you will not find them in any major discount retail stores. Still made in America, Arrowcopter has become a true classic American toy!

Arrowcopter Double Pack

15150326 Available: 39
Arrowcopter Shoot one of these little plastic arrow-helicopter-rotor gismos straight up with the included rubber band launcher and watch it soar as far as 300 feet! A fun outdoor toy that grows in sophistication as you learn how to adjust the arrowcopter for wind conditions and flight patterns: distance, return, circular descent etc.  Contains a package of two (2). Recommended for kids over the age of 6.

Night Lit Arrowcopter Single Pack

15150328 Available: 36
The Arrowcopter Flying Light contains one high-flying Arrowcopter! This colorful Arrowcopter is capable of soaring 300 feet using the rubber band powered launcher. Switch the LED light on for high-flying play night or day! This set includes one outdoor flying toy and complete flight instructions. Colors are assorted.

Smithsonian P-51 Mustang Flyer

M1037549 Available: Out of stock
P-51 Mustang Flyer

Invento RC 2 Channel Helicopter Sky

M1043324 Available: Out of stock
This small helicopter is perfect for beginning RC pilots. The dual RC controller is pretty intuitive, too! The right joystick controls left and right banking, and the left joystick controls rising and descending!

Proto X Nano Quadcopter

ESTE48 Available:
Estes brand Electric Powered, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Ready to Fly Proto X Nano Quadcopter from Estes. For Ages 14 and Above. For Indoor Use Only.

Heli-Max Rotor Blades 1SQ Quadcopter

M1019076 Available: 3
The Rotor Blades for 1SQ Quadcopter from Heli-Max includes a complete set of four replacement props.

Snap N Soar

M1023744 Available: 2
Point, Snap, Soar! Fly miniature jet style planes safely indoors and outdoors in just a snap! Load your plane on to the handheld charger and simply snap your wrist for jet style free flying fun as far as 30 feet! Turn launcher switch on and activate simulated jet sounds to add special effects. Adjustable flight surfaces allow you to perform amazing loop and stunts easily. Includes 1 Launcher and 3 Jet style planes.