Musical Instruments

Grover Noseflute Toy

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A nose flute is like a slide whistle but in compact form - changing the size of your mouth cavity changes the notes. Made in one piece, the nose flute fits in pocket or purse for fun on the run. Great as an icebreaker at business or social events...even wedding receptions! We provide 10 flutes, 10 instructional cards, and ten individual bags in each package.
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Metal Kazoo 4.75"

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If you can hum, you can Kazoo! Our beautiful Metal Kazoo has a shiny golden top and red base. Every clown parade needs a kazoo player. Can you kazoo? This high quality boxed Kazoo makes a great party gift!
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Rio Finger Drum 5"

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The ultimate in personal percussion, FingerDrums are small, colorful drums that have a great sound and can go just about anywhere - home or office, indoors or outdoors. They re made with the same ACOUSTICON drumshells and FIBERSKYN 3 drumheads used on Remo s professional percussion instruments. FingerDrums are durable, versatile and a great way to reduce the stress of modern life. In fact whether you play one Remo FingerDrum or a whole set, you can enjoy the fun and relaxation of making music by letting your fingers do the tapping. Short, 2"x5", Sunburst finish.
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Melissa & Doug Harmonica

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Inhale, exhale... The music sounds great with every breath! This classic harmonica is ready for every musical occasion.
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