American Trivia Family Edition

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Which of the following did Thomas Edison not invent: movie camera, printing press or record player? Zero in on 100% American geographic, historical and arts knowledge. Includes age-appropriate questions for kids and challenge-level questions for grownups. Over 1,000 questions on 360 cards in all. For 2 or more players.
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Christmas Trivia Game!

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Everyone loves some friendly competition, especially while gathered around the Yule log! We have created a Christmas themed trivia game, complete with answers, which will have your guests debating all there is to know about December 25th.  The game is 25 questions long, all Christmas themed. You can separate your guests into two groups, or multiple groups depending on how large your party is. In addition the first team to answer the questions, and get the most right wins!  Purchase some extra stocking stuffers, maybe candy, cookies, or smaller items, this year as winner gifts and make sure each winner on the team gets one! Check out the full 25 trivia questions below, and get ready to play!
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Movie Trivia Game!

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Five categories test your knowledge of comedy, action, drama, sci-fi/horror and awards. Small enough to go anywhere, there are no complex rules or pieces. 1200 trivia questions , most trivia fun for your dollar. Family fun for everyone.
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Silent But Deadly Card Game

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Silent But Deadly is an outrageous card game of windy fun! Quick to learn, easy to play, and loads of gassy guffaws. Loosely based on the traditional card game of Crazy Eights, Silent But Deadly includes humorous fart facts that add an element of twisted fun.
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Fart Card Game

M1067649 Available: 15
Fast flatulent fun is guaranteed with this awesome game! Easy to learn and a gas to play, FART is full of wild hilarity. Race to play your fart cards while avoiding obvious hazards. Maybe now is a good time to use your gas mask! Sure to be fun for this whole family, this game is recommended for players aged 8 and older. For 3 or more players!
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Outset Media ADULT Charades Game

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Adult Charades is a titillating game full of suggestive innuendo that will keep your party all tied up for the night! Contains explicit sexual references that may be deemed offensive and inappropriate.
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