DeLonghi Radiator Bathroom Heater 1200W

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1200 watts of heating power, silent operation, Best for small to medium rooms that need constant heat in the colder seasons. Compact size fits everywhere. Safe-to-use in the bathroom with the GFI plug. Energy-saving timer with 96 settings allows you to heat rooms for any desired amount of time, and lets you select different time periods throughout the day and night. Maximizes radiant heat flow while maintaining a low surface temperature with vertical thermal chimneys. Customize your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and three heat settings. Safe Heat features: thermal cutoff, anti-freeze setting to help prevent freezing pipes.
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 Convection Kerosene Heater

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Kero-world, 23,000 BTU.
Convection style kerosene wick heater.
New easy to assemble design.
Easy install safety cage drip tray.
Automatic air flow carburetor Reduces.
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Kerosene Wick Heater 10K BTU

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Portable lift-out tank. Hands-off ignition system, smooth ignition of the wick without lifting the burner. All levers are set flush with the cabinet surface. 10,000 BTUs. Heats approximately 420 square feet. 12 to 16 hours of heating. Fuel tank capacity: 1.0 gallons.   Siphon pump included. U.L. Listed. 19"H x 22"W x 12"D. Uses wick model# 20401U or Orgill No. 636.3071.
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Vornado VH2 Whole Room Vortex Heater

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2 settings, 800 / 1500 watts. Whisper Quiet. Tip over protection. Over heat protection. Cool touch cabinet.
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Vornado Whole Room Vortex Heater

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2 settings, 750 / 1500 watts . Whisper Quiet. Tip over protection. Over heat protection.  Cool touch cabinet.
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Vornado Automatic Vortex Heater

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2 settings, 800 / 1500 watts. Automatic Climate Control. Whisper Quiet. Tip over protection. Over heat protection. Cool touch cabinet.
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Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Heater 1500W

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1500w, oscillating ceramic heater, ideal for table top or floor use, adjustable thermostat, built in safety features: Safe ceramic element, overheat protection, & cool touch housing, large easy grip handle, easy to use, top mounted controls, 3 comfort settings: High heat, low heat, & fan only, full assembled, ceramic element is self regulating for enhanced safety, etl listed, 3 year limited warranty.
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Homebasix Milkhouse Utility Heater

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2 heat settings: 1300/1500W. fan only setting. Quick set thermostat controls room temperature. Easy adjustment control knobs. Power indicator light. Warning indicator light illuminates if overheating occurs. Internal safety tip over switch automatically turns off heater if tipped over. Thermal shut-off sensor automatically turns heater off if overheating occurs. Built-in handle for easy carrying. Convenient carry handle. Cord length: 6 feet. ETL/CETL listed. Three-prong grounded plug. 15-5/8"H x 9-5/8"W x 7-1/2"D.
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DeLonghi Radiator Heater Comfort Temp

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ComforTemp Button. Anti-Freeze Setting. Economiser Switches. Convection Heating Technology. Smart Snap Wheels. 6-Foot Power Cord: Reach any outlet with the 6-foot power cord. Front Cord Storage: Simply wrap up the cord when not in use. Adjustable Thermostat: Adjust the thermostat to your preferred temperature with 6 heat settings. Tip Over Safety: In case it is accidentally knocked over, the unit will automatically shut-off. Thermal Cut-Off: If the heater reaches unusually high temperatures, the thermal cut-off will shut-down the heater. Overload Protection: Safeguarded by a ACLI plug, this plug will shut-down the unit when unusual conditions occur.
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DLX Cool Touch Energy Smart Humidifier

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Honeywell, Deluxe Energysmart Cool Touch Personal Heater, Cool Touch Safety Grille, Digital Energysmart Technology WithEnergy Usage Indicator, Oscillates For Wide Area Heating, Programmable Thermostat & 2 Heat Settings, Exceeds Industry Safety Standards, Tip Over Switch & Overheat Protection, 3 Year Limited Warranty.
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Lasko My Heat Personal Heater 200W

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Lasko's #100 MyHeat Personal Heater economically warms you. Not a room heater; a personal space heater. Why pay to heat the entire room or office. Heat only your space.
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Lasko Low Profile Baseboard Heater

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The Lasko Silent Room Heater with Digital Display in White is lightweight and has carry handles on each side for easy transportation. This low-profile heater provides warmth without cluttering the room. The power indicator light shows that the heater is running while natural convection circulates warm air silently and evenly from the ground up.
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