Humidifier & Purifier Filters

Honeywell HAC-504AW Filter

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Honeywell HAC-504AW Humidifier Wick Filter, Single
Series "A" Honeywell premium replacement filter with air washing technology.
Air Washing layer helps capture large particles such as polle from the air that passes through the filter. Filter helps remove minerals and pollutants from the water in the humidifier. Antimicrobially Treater-helps inhibit the growth and migration of mold, algae and bacteris on the filter.
Filter will fit HCM-350 Series
HCM-600 Series
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Honeywell Hepa Clean Replacement Filter HRF-C1

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HEPA replacement filter is 99% effective at capturing household airborne particles*. This filter fits Honeywell: 16200, HHT-011, HHT-08X, HHT-090, HHT14X. Vicks: V9070, V9071. Holmes: HAP240, HAP243, HAP2404, HAP2400, HAP242, HAP412, HAP422, HAP424.
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Humidifier Demineralization Cartridge

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Honeywell replacement demineralization cartridge for ultrasonic tower humidifier HUT-200C. Demineralization cartridge purifies the water and eliminates "white dust". Lasts 30-40 fillings with normal use. Package contains two demineralization cartridges.
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Honeywell Air Purifier Prefilter HRF-B1

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The Honeywell Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter enhances the efficiency of your tower air purifier by adding an extra layer of filtering material. This pre-filtering blanket prolongs the life of your primary filter. Fits Honeywell Tower Models HHT-080, HHT-081, HHT-085-HD, HHT-085, HHT-090, HHT-100, HHT-055, HHT-155, HHT-1500, HPA-050, HHT-145, HHT-149-HD, HHT-149, HHT-013-HD, HHT-013, HHT-011, 16200. Also fits Vicks models: V9070 and V9071. Honeywell Premium Odor R.
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Honeywell True HEPA Replacement Filter

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This is a 2 pack of Honeywell True HEPA replacement filters for models HPA-050, HPA-150, HHT-055, and HHT-155
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Honeywell HC888V1 Replacement Humidifier Filter

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Humidifier filter removes mineral and pollutants from water. Filter discoloration is natural and will carry depending on water. Replace filter about every two months (depending on use and local water quality) or when performance starts to deteriorate. Help keep your humidifier clean and extend filter life by using other Honeywell accessories including antibacterial treatment (HAC100). This helps control bacteria and algae growth in your water tank, and provides odor free operation for use in evaporative humidifiers only.
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Honeywell True HEPA Replacement Filter 17000-S

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True HEPA filters capture up to 99.97 percent of microscopic particles such as household dust, smoke, pollen, mold spores and pet dander. Long-life design only requires replacement every three to five years. Patented SurroundSeal Technology protects against air leakage around the filter for maximum efficiency. Stack multiple filters for larger models. Filter and included gasket are designed for use with Honeywell Air Purifiers 10500, 17000, 17005, and 17352
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