Stadler Form Evaporative Humidifier Oskar Black

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Designed by Matti Walker for Stadler Form- marries science and art, function and ease. He is an evaporative humidifier reminiscent of a contemporary sculpture efficiently and naturally hydrating your space. While most evaporative humidifiers emit bacteria-laden vapor into the air, worsening allergies or other respiratory issues, Oskar utilizes the patented Water Cube, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria in the water reservoir, in sync with biodegradable, antibacterial wick filters to release just the right amount of an elusive, purified moisture. An integrated hygrostat meticulously monitors your indoor climate, promising never to over-humidify. With a water level window and pocket door cleverly hidden on his side, Oskar is easy to refill with a glass of water or watering can, alleviating the common strain of fitting a bulky unit beneath a water faucet. Whether he is lounging comfortably on the floor in your living room or on a dresser in your bedroom, Oskar draws you in, giving you a moment to pause and wonder as you would before any other masterful work of art. Breathe easy. Give yourself the atmosphere you deserve.
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Stadler Form Ultrasonic Humidifier Eva Black

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Eva can sit directly on the floor, which due to the high risk of damage, very few Ultrasonic humidifiers in the market can boast
Thanks to eva's unique adaptive humidity technology she is able to automatically adapt the humidification output when in auto mode
Eva's has night mode (3 LED dim levels), auto mode, and 5 output levels help her to reach desired
Eva gives the option for using essential oils in her cleverly Hidden compartment, scenting the air with your desired scent
Automatically shuts off when water empties from her 1.6 gallon water tank, giving you peace of mind. She can reach a daily output of 3.5 gallons
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