Grade 5 Bolt

Midwest GR5 Hex Screw Zinc 3/8-16"x 3-1/2"

57466 Available: 25
Hex head cap screws feature a thick, hexagonal head with a washer face under the head to provide ample bearing surface for tightening with a wrench. They are general purpose threaded fasteners designed for insertion in petapped holes or for use with nuts.

Midwest GR5 Hex Screw Zinc 1/4-28"x 2-1/2"

22211420 Available: 106
Crown Bolt's Grade 5 cap screws are recommended for medium duty bolting applications. The grade 5 bolt is compatible with grade 5 and grade 8 mating nuts and washers of the same thread pitch and diameter. An alternative for using them without nuts is to install them directly into a compatible internally threaded hole.