Grip-Rite Spike Nails 10"x 3/8" 50lb Box

51972 Available: 2
The Grip-Rite 3/8 in. x 10 in. Galvanized-Steel Spike Nails (50 lb. Pack) are a great choice for securing railroad ties. The spike nails are rust- and weather resistant.

Grip-Rite Common Nail 40D 5" 5lb Box

22250521 Available: 3
For general interior/exterior construction,Ideal for carpentry and wood framing,Flat head,Diamond point,Round smooth shank,Finish: bright,SIZE 40D,GAUGE 4


22250637 Available: 2

Fluted Concrete Nail 1-1/2"

22250750 Available: Out of stock
Gauge: #9,Hardened steel,Flute shank - flat head, 1-1/2",DESC 5 Lb. Box

Fluted Concrete Nail 2"

22250755 Available: Out of stock
Gauge: #9,Hardened steel,Flute shank - flat head, 2",DESC 5 Lb. Box

Fluted Concrete Nail 3"

22250765 Available: 3
Gauge: #9,Hardened steel,Flute shank - flat head, 3",DESC 5 Lb. Box

Midwest Assorted Nails Tacks & Brads 14995

22820145 Available: 20
Durable and reusable container with multiple sizes nails, tacks and brads. Contains enough items to complete multiple projects.

16D Common Stainless Steel Deck Nail .148x3.5" 1lb Box

22754046 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Annular Ring Threads Provide Secure Attachment Of Cedar, Redwood And Other Stable Decking Materials To Deck Joists And Preclude Nail Head Popping. Slender Shanks Permit Nailing At Board Ends Without Splitting. Small Unobtrusive Checker Pattern Heads Blend With Wood Grain And Diffract Sunlight. NOTE: Choose 316 Stainless Steel For Seaside Applications And Superior Corrosion Resistance.