Specialty Fasteners

Squeeeeek No More Floor Repair Kit

5106125 Available: 2
Quickly/permanently eliminates floor squeaks,For carpeted, hardwood and vinyl floors,Simple 1-2-3 instructions included,Contains: alignment & depth control fixture,Also contains 50 scored screws & drill bit

Squeeeek No More Replacement Screws 50pk

5106133 Available: 3
For use with Squeeeeek-No-More Kits
Can be used for carpeted floors or hardwood floors or vinyl
They are scored one inch from the head and coated with a special wax that allows the screw to safely pass through the carpet.
3" x 1/8" Quantity per package: 50 - sold per pack.

Pet Lodge J-Clips 1lb Box

8310633 Available: 4
Use to assemble 14 to 16 gauge wire  panels for rabbit cages, hutches, pet homes or other wire products. 1 lb. package assembles 3-4 average size units.  1lb. bag contains ~592 clips.  Need to use Wire Clip Plier #ACP2.

Pet Lodge J-Clip Pliers

8310641 Available: 2
For assembling or repair of wire cages, hutches, pet homes, traps or other wire products. Designed to easily attach clips or ferrules around all types of wire mesh. For use with Pet Lodge ACC1 wire cage clips, and most other clips.

Hill Pattern Hog Ringer

22700500 Available: 3
Malleable iron casting with chrome finish,Hill spring pattern plier,Use for H1, H2, H3, PBH1, PBH2, PBH3. B1, -,B2 and B3 rings,Length: 7"

Small Crab Ringer Pliers 6-1/4"

22700503 Available: 2
Made from tough malleable iron castings with zinc plated finish. Specially designed to hold and close hog rings and ring fasteners. Use with ring pattern Nos.541, 641, 741, 742, all rings less than 3/4".

Decker Hog Ring Blair #1 Box of 100

22700505 Available: 2
Copper plated steel wire,100 per box,10 boxes per display carton,DESC Pig

Decker Hog Ring #3 Copepr Plated Box of 100

22700515 Available: 6
Copper plated steel wire,100 per box,10 boxes per display carton,DESC Hog