Anchors & Toggles

Woodmates Furniture Repair Kit "Mr.Grip"

5002829 Available: 13
Woodmates Mr. Grip 1298
    * Furnture repair kit
    * A toothy, flexible metal strip that grips tight
    * Just cut strip to size needed, place over end of dowel, and push into place
    * No glue or clamping
    * (8) 1/2" x 4" strips per card.
Product Description
Furnture repair kit. A toothy, flexible metal strip that grips tight. Just cut strip to size needed, place over end of dowel, and push into place. No glue or clamping.
A MUST HAVE item for every tool kit. Has saved many a project gone awry!

GRK Anchor Auger Zinc #8

5305578 Available: 4
Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor is a one-piece self-drilling anchor designed for optimal holding performance in gypsum wallboard. This anchor is made out of zinc and is ideal for 3/8, 1/2-Inch and 5/8 inch gypsum wallboard. The E-Z Drywall Anchor is fast and easy to install, with no pre-drilling needed, just use a #2 Phillips drill bit. Application is clean and neat -- tri-cut point drills a small hole and seats flush. The anchors easily can be backed out of wallboard for removal, and they have a breakway point for easy usage when cavity is shallow. They are also corrosion resistant.

Anchor Lead 6-8"x1" Box

22450105 Available: 194
Plug concrete anchors are used with screws in solid concrete, hollow block, brick and wallboard. They are expansion anchors that twist to provide a strong hold in base materials. Lead alloy provides a strong hold but is softer than carbon steel. Concrete Anchors; Type: Plug; System of Measurement: Inch; Diameter (Inch): 1/4; Material: Lead Alloy; Overall Length (Inch): 1; Drill Size (Inch): 1/4

Drywall Metal Hollow Wall Anchor 1/8"

22450145 Available: 97
Sleeve anchors are used in concrete block, plaster, hollow tile, wallboard and plywood. They are heavy-duty, vibration-resistant anchors tightened with a hex nut or combination slotted/Phillips driver. Steel is strong and durable but less corrosion resistant than stainless steel. To improve its resistance to corrosion, it may receive additional finishes and coatings. Drywall & Hollow Wall Anchors; Type: Sleeve; Diameter (Inch): 5/16; For Material Type: Concrete/Masonry; Drywall; Plywood; Wallboard; Maximum Thickness (Inch): 1/2; Material: Steel; Screw Size (Inch): 1/8

Plastic Wall Anchor 6-8"x3/4"

22450200 Available: 255
Rawplug 07559 Bantam Plug Wall Anchor, #6 Diameter, 3/4 IN Length, 3/4 IN Minimum Embedment Depth, Drill Size: 3/16 IN, #6-8 Screw, Plastic. 185 LB Ultimate Load For 2000 PSI Minimum Concrete Compressive Strength, 45 LB Allowable Load For 2000 PSI Minimum Concrete Compressive Strength.

Fluted Plastic Anchor 4-6"x1"

22450215 Available: 43
The Fluted Plastic Anchor is designed for light duty fastening applications in concrete, block, brick or stone
The body of the fluted plastic anchor and is injection molded from a ductile plastic and is designed to be used with sheet metal or wood screws
The Load capacities for this product depend on the integrity of the base material in which it is installed
The anchor is recommended for light duty static applications where holding power is not a critical factor
It should not be used overhead

Drop In Anchor 1/4"

22450260 Available: 16
1/4" drop in anchors are used in solid walls to provide a threaded anchor point for fastening boxes, hangers and conduits to solid walls. Garvin Industries' drop in anchors have a steel construction that can be used in walls or ceilings to mount various boxes, hangers and straps.

Powerbolt Anchor Hex 3/8"x3"

22450347 Available: 18
Sleeve concrete anchors are used in brick, concrete and grout-filled or hollow concrete block. They have an internal expander that pulls up and expands the anchor(TM) s sleeve when the anchor(TM) s nut is tightened. This increases holding power. Concrete Anchors; Type: Sleeve; System of Measurement: Inch; Diameter (Inch): 3/8; Material: Carbon Steel; Overall Length (Inch): 3; Material Grade: Grade 8

Toggle Wings 3/8"

22450525 Available: 27
Use for hollow wall
Use for concrete block

Mushroom Toggle Bolt 1/8"x3"

22450535 Available: 122
These toggle bolts are anchors for use in hollow walls and hollow masonry applications. The toggle bolt's wing spreads the force over a larger load bearing surface and comes attached to a machine screw. Toggle bolts are single-use anchors and should be properly positioned prior to pre-drilling the hole. 4 pieces per pack
Steel construction
1/8 in. x 3 in.

EZ Anchor w/Screws 15 PC

22450637 Available: 18
E-Z Ancor Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor. 15-Plastic Anchors. 15-8 x 1 1/4" Combo Pn Sms. Medium Duty Application.

GRK EZ Anchor w/Screws Zinc 15pc

22450643 Available: 21
Used to attach hanging rail. wall mounted uprights to wall. For wood, masonry and hollow wall applications One packet adhesive screw head covers. Screws size 8" x 1.5"